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Lifestyle Vlogger of Ibk Vlogs, Ibukun Lawal have joined the League of Entrepreneurs as she recently Launched her Pap company. Having received her  master’s degree in Human resource management from De Montfort University Leicester,  The trained Human Resource manager turned CEO worked as Senior Client relationship manager in Top Marketing firms within and outside Nigeria.
 In a virtual interview with Zivang team, The founder of Nutripearse pap Ibukun Lawal  talks about her dedication  to ensuring hygiene in pap for customers, entrepreneurial journey, challenges as an entrepreneur during the covid-19 pandemic, future plans.
Team Zivang congratulates Ibukun Lawal on her pap company Launch.




How did your entrepreneurial journey all start?


I would say it started almost by accident, I have always been fascinated by how people get the inclination to start a particular business and excel in it, but I was unable to picture myself this way. I have always believed  that in starting a business, the idea has to be something you feel strongly about and this has always been something I have wanted to experience but to no avail. So, when the idea of Nutripearse pap came and it was something I felt strongly about,  I knew that this was not an idea that I can afford not to run with.




As a Marketing professional, what motivated you to go into the pap business especially with easy accessibility of pap in Nigeria?


I think one of the greatest motivators was the extra effort it took to get a large quantity of pap that is safe to give to my toddler. I wanted to make sure it was pap that was hygiene so as not to make my son fall sick,  and it had to be something I could get in large quantities, and being a working mom this sometimes proved difficult.  So, I thought to myself that what if I can provide the same service to meet the needs of people who are having the same doubt and challenges. Storage is another issue especially with the nature of power supply in the country, hence why we decided to produce pap in powdered form. We currently have 2 main variants of Nutripearse pap ( Yellow pap and brown pap with or without ginger) Yellow pap made with maize and brown pap made with guinea corn.




Did your line of profession encourage you to start up this business or it just happened by chance?

Yes, it did, as someone who has worked on delivering marketing goals for various big brands I was willing to see how I can transfer this skill to something of my own.




What’s your take on Living a healthy Lifestyle?

A lot of things we’ve always known have proven to either be harmful to our health, hence the need to unlearn and relearn new habits and practices that will help live a healthy lifestyle.



How has  Nutripearse team promoted healthy eating Lifestyle?


We ensure that all of our ingredients carefully sourced and fresh produce, We ensure that our products produced in the most hygienic conditions.  Nutripearse pap does not have preservatives and is 100% natural. We are about to launch our Tom Brown pap which is suitable for diabetes patients and babies which is also 100% natural without preservatives or additives.



What are the challenges you encountered in your business over time?

For me, the number one challenge faced in my business is funding, at this point Nutripearse is self funded and although it has been a rewarding experience, external funding is needed to go large scale.


How have you been able to maintain good customer relationships in your business?

We do follow up calls to check how they are, We also call to ask for feedback concerning the products and services.


Let’s talk about Nutripearse branding, Why Nutripearse, what makes  Nutripearse stand out from other Pap in Nigeria?


At Nutripearse we don’t just make pap and package it, we ensure we go through a further process of giving you that extra smooth taste as well as making it possible for our customers to eat healthy with greatest ease. Another reason why Nutripearse stands out is with us you do not have to worry about the kind of water used because we ensure that your pap is hygienic just for you.



Is it strictly an online store?.


For now it is, Nutripearse pap can be ordered via our Instagram and Facebook pages as well as via whatsapp. However we are working to selling into some stores so please watch out.



There was an increase in price for Logistics company, As an Entrepreneur, what’s your view on prices and how did this affect your business Lately?


As a business this has been tough, because you would not want a situation whereby people don’t want to place orders because the delivery fee is even more than the cost of the product. This is a big concern I have actually had to hand deliver product so that customers do not get discouraged.



What keeps you going when the chips are down?

The drive to succeed and to see my brand become a household brand just as I have seen with major brands that I have had the opportunity to work with in my career.



Your favourite business quotes?


Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”– Chris Grosser

“There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.”– Ray Goforth




Aside work, how do you relax?


I am a movie lover so once in a while I indulge. I also love to spend time with family.




Any plan to take Nutripearse  to international Level?


Yes, we have actually had people abroad make enquiry on how to get our product so we are looking into how to make our product available internationally.


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