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The first edition of the “Beautifully Coloured” annual family picnic took place in August, 2022 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The event was organised and hosted by Ariyike Akinbobola, Award winning Amazon Canada Best Selling Author, Humanitarian, Media Personality and Nigerian trained Lawyer based in Toronto, Canada.

The event was to celebrate families and the success of Ariyike Akinbobola’s book “Beautifully Coloured” A Children’s Picture Book on Kindness, Diversity, Inclusion and Positive Affirmations on being an Amazon Canada Bestseller. Those in attendance include business owners, professionals and socialites in Canada such as Maryam Muritala – the founder of Canada Vendors, Wale Rabiu, the CEO of Grey Matlock Bakery, Fusi and Bella Olateru-Olagbegi, Shade Ibidapo – Obe and other families who came out to round off summer with fun activities at the Picnic.

From a Book reading and reciting of affirmations to fun activities for the families, the picnic was a reunion of friends and a fun filled family event.

Photography: Bami Ligali Photography

Event Production and coordination: Ariland Entertainment



Amazing facts about AWS

Do you want your Teenage Child to have a secured future !
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It requires no programming skills, all one needs is good analytical skills.

Your children can work in any of the top companies: Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Oracle

They are holding a virtual bootcamp on Cloud Computing Amazon Cloud for secondary and post graduate secondary school students, a four day workshop.

Foundation of cloud computing and building the required skills to get AWS Certified.

Register now https://forms.gle/a2KEDQtw3F2yaJji8

Date: 19th – 22nd December 2022
Venue: Zoom
Time : 11am – 2pm

Cost – N70,000- classes + video

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For more information call 08091776900/


Zaron Cosmetics: Get the Prime n Pop Eyeshadow Pallettes this holiday season


PRIME N’ POP EYESHADOW PALETTES A versatile product that comes in 5 highly-pigmented palettes with an added primer, in a matte and shimmer mix suitable for any occasion and event. Colors are blend-able and combinable. Colors range from an array of neutrals, to warm hues, shades of lilac to burst of bold colors. A lightweight palette that is easy to carry and perfect for on-the-go situations.Available across all Zaron Cosmetics Stores.



Filmhouse Cinemas continues to be your ticket to more, as they seek out new and innovative ways to create inspiring experiences, provide world-class service, and bring the magic of cinema to life.

The big screen giant was recently named the highest-grossing Cinema Exhibitor in Africa by Comscore, and to enable more audiences to access premium and affordable entertainment, Filmhouse Cinemas is spreading its tentacles once more, with the addition of 4 new cinema locations.

The Chief Cinema Operations Officer – Dr Onamari Horsfall, responding to the question on how these new locations will contribute to the growth of cinema acceptance and attendance in Nigeria said,

“Cinema experience is only as big as its consumers. Films are not made for the archives, they are made to be seen by people who love to bond, relax and connect with loved ones, respond to the messages embedded therein, and give feedback that prompts other people to want to view it as well. In opening these 4 new locations, we are delivering on viewers’ satisfaction by bringing cinematic entertainment closer to a new set audience and renewing our commitment to our vision of having a Filmhouse Cinema located in 25 more locations in the foreseeable future.”

The Managing Director of Filmhouse Cinemas – Kene Okwuosa, and Chief Cinema Operations Officer – Onamari Horsfall, in a private interview with Savvy Media Africa, expressed in detail the strategic efforts being made to maximize the resources devoted to the expansion to connect with a diverse audience through all forms of entertaining content as it pertains to cinema viewing. They also expressed that the viewers were the motivation for this expansion.

The 4 new Filmhouse Cinemas are located in Ikota, Festac, Port Harcourt and Circle Mall. The cinema at Circle Mall has been newly renovated to accommodate a lot more viewers with more screen rooms, and an attractive yet relaxing ambience.

Besides the Filmhouse Cinemas business that brings local and foreign movies to its customers, the group has a production and distribution arm: FilmOne Entertainment, which is on a mission to produce and distribute a wide range of mainstream and commercial motion pictures. It is worthy of note that FilmOne Entertainment has the exclusive theatrical licenses to The Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers Discovery, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Empire Entertainment in Anglophone West Africa.

This means that Filmhouse Cinemas, in alliance with FilmOne Entertainment, has successfully over the last decade, been able to create a balance between the export, distribution, and exhibition of indigenous content, and the import of local and foreign-made content to Nigerians, for the advancement of entertainment in Nigeria, and are willing to do even more with this expansion.

This launch solidifies Filmhouse’s position as an enabler of entertainment in Nigeria, as they continue to implement innovative methods of displaying great local and international content to spark joy in their viewers. As the leading and largest cinema house in Nigeria, Filmhouse Cinemas remains steadfast in its commitment to the advancement of the film industry.

We encourage movie lovers to find out what movies are currently showing, book tickets and immerse themselves in the delightful world of the entertainment and inspiring experiences that Filmhouse Cinemas offers.

For more information and inquiries visit www.filmhouseng.com or @filmhousecinemas on Instagram

Africa’s First Humanoid Robot “Omeife” Unveiled at Gitex


We’ve probably all watched those Hollywood sci-fi movies where humanoid robots co-exist with human beings, and they have interesting adventures with unpredictable outcomes.

Well this isn’t the big screen. This is reality, and we all have front row seats to experience history in the making: Africa’s first humanoid robot was officially unveiled at the world’s biggest technology event, Gitex, which took place at Dubai World Trade Centre, from October 10th to 14th.

The humanoid robot named Omeife, was created by Uniccon Group of Companies, one of Nigeria’s fastest growing technology startups that offers eclectic, innovative technology solutions to businesses and government agencies across Africa.

Omeife is a 6-foot-tall female, African humanoid that provides language as a service for businesses needing to integrate native African audiences. She is also a multipurpose and assistance robot. She speaks African languages and is programmed to have a deep understanding of African culture and behavioural patterns.

Here are some more things Omeife is able to do:


  1. Terrain intelligence: Knowing the level of ground and stability of itself on the floor, this
    will help it navigate on non-flat surfaces and maintain good balance.
  2. Position awareness: GPS for location and State-management for knowing
    whether the
    system is standing, walking, talking e.t.c.
  3. Advanced Gestures: Expression while talking, hand illustrations, smile and other
  4. Grip: Ability to size, understand shape and how to hold things with hand.


  1. Realtime understanding: Active listening and ability to focus on a specific conversation
    thread as its happening.
  2. Multilingual: Ability to switch languages and interact with the specific gestures.
  3. Native Accent: Pitch and Vocabulary detailed pronunciations of words, sentences
    even phrases.


  1. Face detection: Identifies and atgs humans through face and facial expressions.
  2. Subject focus: Paying attention to a specific item when required.
  3. Object detection: Identifies objects and knows their characteristics.
  4. Distance analysis: Calculates positions and distance of objects it sees.

Social Interactions

  1. Discussion awareness and focus: Pays attention to a specific person to keep the conversation alive.
  2. Politeness: Careful and aware of words, phrases, sentences and expressions that are
    not polite in African cultures.
  3. Safe for kids: Smooth interaction and not reactive.
  4. Knowledgeable in various fields and always teachable: Learning pipeline to
    improve and understand new things from conversations.
  5. Retention: Ability to recall, understand old concepts better with new information.

Speaking on the Omeife project, Chuks Ekwueme, CEO of Uniccon Group of Companies says:

“Africa is fast being recognized for its contribution to the global tech ecosystem. Through Omeife and other projects, we’re happy to play a part in helping businesses and people all over Africa to achieve their fullest potential by providing access to the most innovative technologies for efficiency.”

At Gitex, Nigeria’s Minister of Communications & Digital Economy, Professor Isa Pantami, lauded Uniccon Group’s commitment to playing a vital part in advancing technological innovations in Africa.

Get a sneak peek at Omeife here:

Appzone Group Carves Out Qore To Provide Technology For Digitizing Banks Across Africa


Appzone, the Pan African fintech software provider group, has announced that it is carving out its Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform from the existing business into a new business entity (named Qore), to better digitize banks across Africa, and facilitate the emergence of a fully automated and connected financial ecosystem. 

Formerly a collection of four distinct business divisions,, the company is driving exponential growth of fully digital offerings for the continent’s Financial Institutions. Some of the leading Commercial Banks, Fintechs and Neobanks, are able to leverage its platform for delivery of innovative niche products.

The Qore Co-founder/CEO, Emeka Emetarom, during a recently held press conference in Lagos, says the company will continue to empower financial institutions in Africa to become the best performing and most innovative in the world.

As a revolutionary banking innovator, Qore is enabling significant progress for a new era of fully digital Banks in Africa. Over the last decade, we have played a remarkable and active role in driving the digitization of Nigeria and Africa’s financial services ecosystem.

We are excited about what the future holds for us and for digital banking in Africa, especially since we will now operate as a BaaS focused business entity going forward.

Qore’s unique advantages are market fit and cost-effectiveness which allow financial institutions to deliver highly relevant products at a fraction of cost. We are also leveraging the platform’s numerous integrations with mainstream payment systems to achieve instant interoperability with other industry players at no extra cost” Emeka added.

Speaking about how the company is delivering value for the diverse scale of financial institutions in Africa, Co-founder/COO, Qore, Mudiaga Umukoro, says Qore has built the only truly African cloud-native core banking and integrated channel solution, tailored specifically to the African market.

We understand the realities of the African financial ecosystem, alongside the limitations that are preventing financial products in Africa from reaching their full potential and solving once and for all, the age-old Financial Inclusion challenge. This is why Qore is refocusing its efforts towards powering effortless and limitless banking across the continent. Says Mudiaga

Having completely digitized and automated the operations and products of almost 500 Financial Institutions on the continent, we are ready to take on the rest of Africa” Mudiaga added.

In the last 5 years Africa’s financial sector has aggressively adopted digital banking, with more individuals and organizations bypassing physical structures, paper trails and physical cash in favor of self-service offerings on digital devices. Currently, challenger and traditional banks in Africa are limited to using foreign technology solutions tailored for Western markets, and many of these solutions are hindered by prohibitive pricing, poor market fit and a lack of local tech support.

With operations in Nigeria and Kenya, and clients across the continent including Ghana, Gambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Tanzania, and Senegal, Qore is supporting the digital transformation efforts of traditional Banks, many of which are still stuck with legacy systems that limit their ability to compete effectively.

Since investing in Appzone, it has been remarkable to witness the business growth and transformation that has now led to the emergence of Qore. We are even more excited to have a front seat at the table as Qore sets the course for redefining the future of digital banking across Africa. We are confident in the team’s ability to deliver on its audacious vision of setting the pathway for delivering effortless, limitless banking for all across Africa” said Yomi Jemibewon, Partner and Managing Director, of CardinalStone Capital Advisers Limited.

Qore also powers an omni-channel self-service platform, USSD interfaces, Payment ecosystem integrations, merchant services capabilities, and instant card issuance. In addition, the platform provides clients with modules that enable end-to-end lending automation, direct debit collections from multiple accounts, and Agent Banking. These functionalities are available to Fintechs like digital lenders and neobanks, as well as traditional banks like Commercial Banks, MFIs, Mortgage Banks, and Consumer Lenders.

The platform also leverages ease of customization and availability of local support to seamlessly plug into the needs of African Banks and Fintechs.

Over the last decade, Qore’s remarkable impact on the Nigerian and African financial services ecosystem, has earned the company a recognition as the de facto provider of banking technology in the OFI segment, and the. first and only African Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) Platform..

Other milestone achievements for the company include, building the first African cloud-based Digital Core Banking and omni-channel software, launching Africa’s first self-service platform for instant debit card issuance and building the first and only Correspondent Banking automation platform with all Nigerian commercial banks integrated.

About Qore

Qore is Africa’s foremost Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) Platform delivering innovative banking solutions that achieve end-to-end automation of African Financial Institution operations and enable the delivery of services to end customers via digital and alternative channels.

With a team of over 160 professionals and clients in eight African countries (Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, Kenya, DRC, Senegal, Tanzania, Equatorial Guinea), Qore processes over $11.9 billion worth of transactions annually in 21.6 million annual transactions serving 18 commercial banks and over 450 microfinance institutions. Our platforms issue 12 million cards and disburse over $1.7 billion in loans annually while managing $200 million in deposits across 20 million hosted accounts. We are working with the brightest minds on the continent to digitize and completely automate financial services. Our vision is to be the Digital Banking Platform dominating the new era of fully digital banks in Africa.



 Exquisite food, comprehensive dialogues and empowerment have been the order of the first few days in the “Week of Italian Cuisine” in Nigeria. This week of celebrating Italian cuisine is brought to you by the Italian embassy of Abuja and the Italian consulate of Lagos.Chef Tracy Eboigbodin, winner of MasterChef Italia is in Nigeria and is touring 3 cities in the country. She has been to Abuja and then to Benin. We gave you a glimpse of her activities in Abuja, let’s find out what she was up to in Benin.Chef Tracy arrived in Benin city, Edo state which also happens to be her hometown. This second stop of the “Week of Italian Cuisine” in Nigeria focused on investment opportunities and training of youth in the HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Café)sector. She narrated her experience and engaged with the youth of the Government science and Technical college Benin on the importance of training, regular migration and how Nigerian youth can harness opportunities in the HORECA sector.Chef Tracy found time to tour her birth city. She  visited the National museum in Benin, the Palace of the Oba of Benin, the John Odigie Oyegun Public Service Academy and she was hosted by the Governor of Edo state, His Excellency Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki and and the First Lady First Lady Her Excellency Betsy Bene Obaseki at the Government house. By the end of her stay in Benin, she got special gifts from The Governor and from the Ministry Of Education & Board for Technical and Vocational Education, Edo state in recognition of her contributions towards being an inspiration for women and young girls especially in Edo state.She is currently in Lagos for the Grand finale of the “Week Of Italian Cuisine In The World” in Nigeria.We will keep you updated on the final leg of this journey.Follow us on all social media platforms to get firsthand updates.Facebook: Consolato General d’Italia Lagos – Consulate General of Italy in Lagos
 Instagram: @Italyinlagos


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It’s that time of year again where we celebrate the best of Italy’s food production and gastronomic traditions all over the world; It’s The Week of Italian Cuisine in the World!! This is an annual themed event, launched by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and produced by Slow food.

Returning for the 7th year, the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World will highlight the key elements of the model for food and wine production which are Respect for knowledge and traditions, Sustainability and innovation. The major aims of this initiative are to publicize regional food, wine and tourism itineraries, rediscover villages through traditional food production,  promote the Mediterranean diet and its ingredients, raise the profile of products with protected and controlled designations of origin, combate the phenomenon of “Italian-sounding” products and encourage the internationalization of Italian cooking and hospitality training.The 2022 edition will be held from November 14th to 20th and will be focusing on key players in the food production world.

The exhibition tells the stories of five heroes with stories that symbolize a commitment to adding value to local products while respecting the environment and the surrounding area thereby representing Italian artisanal excellence. Follow us as we unwrap more exciting news while celebrating the good food of Italia.

Exciting Bar Battles, SME Empowerment & a Fun Finale: Lagos Cocktail Week 2022 Was Epic!

On air personality Toolz, Convener of Lagos cocktail week, Lara Rawa

The 8th edition of West Africa’s largest and most anticipated cocktail event, Lagos Cocktail Week (LCW), showcased and celebrated the amazing individuals and organizations “Behind the Bars, Drinks & Brands.’’

Denola Grey at Lagos Cocktail week

The 9-day event which started on October 14th with an exhilarating Mastercard-sponsored Bar-Hop activity, in which cocktail lovers enjoyed unique African-infused signature cocktail creations across top bars in Lagos, ended with a two-day seminar and grand finale, from Thursday October 20th  – Friday October 21st at the Balmoral Convention Centre, Federal Palace, Victoria Island.

Elonozam at Lagos cocktail week

Guest speakers and facilitators at the seminar and masterclass sessions, which were powered by Mastercard, empowered SME founders and executives present, with valuable knowledge and resources to ensure business success and scalability. Renowned personalities in the cocktail, bar, and beverage industry globally, including, Dr. Olawale Anifowoshe, Georgie Barnard, Lola Pedro, Kevin Conroy, Bolatito Elizabeth Okolie, Bayo Ijasan, amongst others, were facilitators.

White Money at Lagos Cocktail week

The Cocktail Village, which was a two-night event that spanned two nights, was truly epic, as guests enjoyed complimentary cocktails from partner brands including Absolut Vodka, Ballentine’s, Martell, Olmeca Tequila, Nestle Water, Beefeater Gin, Fayrouz, Desperadoes, Star Radler, Johnnie Walker, Singleton, Captain Morgan & Gordon’s, Whispering Angel, Terrazas, Volcan, Campari,  and more.

Erica Nweledim at Lagos cocktail week

Attendees also enjoyed networking, music, games, and the most anticipated activity, the bar battle, which took place at the grand finale on Friday. Notably, several female bartenders participated in the bar battle activities this year, which was amazing to witness, as the bartending industry in Nigeria is mostly male-dominated. Mastercard awarded cash prizes to 3 restaurants for their cocktail creations: Slow Lagos, Noir Lagos, and 355 Lagos. The winners of each bar battle challenge were also given cash prizes by the sponsoring drink brands.

Uriel Oputa at Lagos Cocktail week

In addition to the eclectic guests that attended the event, celebrities and influencers were also in attendance, including: Toolz, Daniel Etim-Effiong, Diane Russet, Alex Unusual, Noble Igwe, Beverly Osu, Denola Grey, Anto Lecky, Mimi Onalaja, Uriel Oputa, and more.

Tallulah Doherty at Lagos cocktail week

Lagos Cocktail Week has become one of West Africa’s landmark events, celebrating the craftsmanship behind mixology and the cocktail culture in Nigeria through events, seminars and training since its inception in 2014.

Mimi Onalaja at Lagos Cocktail week
Diana Russet and Hadiza at Lagos Cocktail week
Winner of Gordons Moringa bar battle challenge
Winner of Mix her challenge
Winner of Fayrouz Challenge
Lagos cocktail week conference
Lagos Cocktail week conference
Convener of Lagos cocktail week,Lagos State Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture (Mrs.) Uzamat Akinbile-Yussuf
Nollywood actress, Omowumi Dada at Lagos cocktail week.
Convener of Lagos cocktail week, Lara Rawa.

Lagos Cocktail is social: Instagram – @lagoscocktail | Twitter – @lagoscocktailwk | Website: https://www.lagoscocktailweek.com/

Other sponsors of the Lagos Cocktail Week include: Sterling Bank, Balmoral Events, Monin and Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.



It’s “Marvel-ous” news that the West African film premiere of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is scheduled to hold in Lagos, this November 9th, 2022 at Filmhouse IMAX, Lekki, Lagos.

With an Afro-Celebratory theme, the premiere promises to give attendees a grandiose show of celebration of the African Culture. Hennessy, Indomie and Keystone Bank are among the partner brands ensuring an unforgettable experience for the big night.

“In celebration of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, alongside Filmhouse Cinemas, we want to ignite viewers’ experiences and together celebrate our shared cultural heritage, our infinite potential and zero-limits to discover our gifts .”

– Yusuf Murtala, Marketing Director, The Coca-Cola Company.

Filmhouse Cinemas continues to play facilitatory roles in delivering memorable premieres to the Nigerian audience, and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is no exception. The Chief Cinema Operating Officer, Dr. Onamari Horsfall remarked, “Black Pantheris a story carved out of African culture and history. It projects the heights Africa can attain if it gets its technological and economic playbook right. We are excited to partner with Walt Disney in showcasing this box-office success that will be remembered for decades to come, and we are committed to doing so in a grand way.”

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is distributed in West Africa by FilmOne Entertainment which remains focused on the distribution and production of filmed content, from Nigeria and West Africa to the World by distributing and producing a wide range of mainstream and commercial motion pictures, including international and indigenous films, and maintain strategic alliances and relationships with international studios and distributors.

For all press-related enquiries, contact Savvy Media Africa (pr@savvymediaafrica.com) &

Nowe Alexis Segun-Ojo (nsegun-ojo@filmhouseng.com).

Contact Bukky George Taylor for guest lists (Giselle.bejjani@roberttaylormedia.com).

Lagos Fashion week is officially a wrap!

From October 26th – October 30th, Heineken Lagos Fashion Week brought together buyers, press, enthusiasts to experience a week-long schedule celebrating African talent. Here’s a rundown of how the highly anticipated event that welcomed over 3000 people went. XRetail in partnership with ZinkataLagos Fashion Week commenced on Wednesday 26th October 2022 with XRetail in partnership with Zinkata. Focused on facilitating commerce and creating access to market opportunities for fashion entrepreneurs to enable their business(es) to generate sales, the XRetail experience this year welcomed african fashion enthusiasts who got to shop some of their favourite Nigerian brands. Lagos Fashion Week Opening Party

Creatives, enthusiasts, designers, stylists, and fashion journalists gathered for an exclusive Fashion Week Opening Party/ Meet & Greet with 2022 Bestseller Foundation Green Access Finalists. The evening set the stage for what was to come, guests showed up in their best; agbayas, hats, well-tailored suits, tassels, and sequins were some of the style trends spotted at the opening party.Lagos Fashion Week Swap Shop

As part of our on-going commitment to facilitate conversations and exchange of ideas surrounding sustainability in fashion in Nigeria and Africa, Lagos Fashion Week returned for its inaugural block chained enabled Swap Shop experience. Putting into practice the foundations of a circular economy that prioritises reuse, reduce & recycle.

The Swap Shop initiative invites consumers to think about the ways they can effect change with their own buying choices by facilitating the exchange of pre-owned items through swapping, sharing, donating and resale. It was a major engagement hub at the experience tents as pieces from  Abiola Olusola, Orange Culture, The Style Infidel, Eku Edewor, and Fia Factory, were swapped. 
 Physical Runway & Offsite ShowsThis year, we continued with a more decentralised format for our shows with designers organising independent #LagosFW supported shows within the Lagos Fashion Week Calendar, a triumphant development in so many ways, indicative of how far we’ve come as an industry. The Lagos Fashion week onsite tent, welcomed over 50 designers from across the continent, a key element this year, was to showcase a wider selection of fresh talent.The runway welcomed the 2022 Green Access finalists such as Oshobor (Nigeria), SVL Designs (South Africa), Olisa Kenya (Kenya), Metakay (Ghana), Heru Shezi (South Africa), Aorah (Nigeria), House of Akachi (Nigeria), Lullastudio (Nigeria), Pettre Taylor (Nigeria), and Sahrzad Design (Morocco) as well as first-timers Olooh (Côte d’Ivoire), Algueye Dakar (Senegal), Duaba Serwa (Ghana), Jermaine Bleu (Nigeria) Tia Adeola (Nigeria), Abigail Ajobi (Nigeria), Maxhosa by Laduma (South Africa) and Awa Meite (Mali).Fashion Business Series with Prosper Africa

On Friday 28th October, Lagos Fashion Week in collaboration with Prosper Africa hosted a roundtable discussion with institutional investors, fashion buyers, Nigerian fashion brands and key industry stakeholders who discussed on the topic  “Financing the African fashion Ecosystem”. Prosper Africa is a U.S. Government initiative that provides tools and resources to increase two-way trade and investment between the U.S. and African countries.Experience Tent 

A key engagement hub for all attendees with interactive booths from Partners TECNO, LUSH Hair, Sunlight, Mac Cosmetics, Showmax etc. LagosFW presents SHF Prism by Sunlight Nigeria

On Saturday 29th October, Sunlight Nigeria facilitated a workshop for SHF Prism – a hub for creativity, collaboration, investment and knowledge sharing. The one-day workshop featured seasoned professionals as Kemi Ogunleye, Creator & Host of Chrystallis Conversations; Claire Idera, Founder of CI workshop; Sola Babatunde, CEO and Founder of the OSC group; and Tosin Olaseinde, Founder of MoneyAfrica who spoke on how to succeed in the fashion industry. Lagos Fashion Week 2022 is sponsored by Heineken and supported by partners: Bestseller Foundation, TECNO, Lush Hair, Sunlight Nigeria, Austrian Lace, MAC and Lagos State. Lagos Fashion Week is exclusively produced by Style House Files.Media Partners: BellaNaija Online, Bella Naija Style, Guardian Life, Business Day, The Will DownTown, Pulse, Okay Africa and Culture Custodian.