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CEO of Royaelle Touch Beauty outfit, Princess Imoh Tom has proven  to us 10 times that she is the boss. In a brief chat with Zivang team, The smart, young , humble and intelligent beauty entrepreneur who recently won an award for one of the most influential female entrepreneurs  in Badagry shares her entrepreneurship journey, beauty secrets and future plans. Read interview below.


Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I am from a family of 5 including dad and mum. A graduate of Mass Communication and Media Technology from Lead City University, Ibadan.




What motivated you to go into the beauty business?


My Love for making and seeing people stay beautiful,  making their skin as flawless as their makeup. Born to a beautician mum it was easy to fall in love with the beauty industry. I saw how she gained great heights in the beauty world both nationally and internationally. She was President of the Nigerian Association of Hairdressers and Cosmetologist for Lagos state (NASHCO) .



From research, you studied Mass communication, did you work before venturing into this business?


Yes, I worked with few companies. A beauty magazine, a Foreign real estate agency, and a Communications company. I later resigned to focus on my makeup business.




How is it to run a 9-5 Beauty business in Badagry?


It is challenging. You must constantly be in the client’s face making them understand the need for authentic, elegant and classy looks.




What is the unique selling point of Royaelle Touch, in this competitive market?


Our soft yet flawless makeup of international value defining our clients unique face features. We also educate our clients on the best make up for their skin type and tone.



You won the award for outstanding entrepreneur in Badagry, How do you feel about it?


SHOCKING! I didn’t expect it. It’s a call to do more and encourage the people around who do SMEs so that they can grow.



In your little way, How have you been able to curb unemployment among the youths in Badagry?


By having trainings that empower the women and even young men through the beauty business (makeup, gele & pedicure).



As a skin care consultant, what’s your view on skin peeling and bleaching especially with the high rates of bleaching products in the Nigerian market?



Bleaching is a NO. The ripple effects are worse than any pleasures or gains of the present. Please parents, check what cream your kids use at all times and let’s encourage each other to love our skin colour.






Can you explain more on  knowing your skin type?


We have four skin types; oily, dry, normal and combination. Any other is a skin condition e.g. sensitive skin. Find a dermatologist near you to identify your skin type for you.




You have a Lovely skin, what is the secret?

I drink lots of water and natural juices. Hydration, exfoliating and moisturizing using authentic products for my skin type.




What’s your advice to women about caring for their skin?


Understand your skin type, cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and hydrate a lot. Your eating habits matter a lot.



Aside work how do you relax yourself?

I Listen to good music, read beauty articles and magazines.


Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in the beauty industry?

Be consistent, don’t give up! If you have to take a 9-5 in a beauty business to serve and learn more, please do and ensure you never give up! Plan and save!




Where do you see Royaelle Touch brand in the next decade?


I see Royaelle Touch brand as an international brand with a skincare and makeup line in every household, partnering with companies for the beauty wellness of their staff.





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  1. I am elated and enthralled to read this. You will continuously be a force to reckon with in the beauty industry. Your consistency and originality can’t be matched. Congratulations on your new award.
    You deserve more. Keep winning and breaking new frontiers!!!!

  2. You are a good make up artist.I still have one picture of the shoot u did for your publicity.I’m proud of u.congratulations

  3. I know this beauty and brains in person. Apart from her skills, talent and dedication to what she does, her personality and charisma will always make her stand out. Not surprised to see that the CEO is featured here. Keep rising ma’am.

  4. I’m super proud of you. You taught me from scratch. You’re an amazing at your craft and even more amazing personality

  5. A day to my wedding, my makeup artist disappointed me,and then a friend recommended you to me,at first I was not convinced cos I didnt do any background check about your works,but you really shocked me with your works,may God bless the works of your hands dear. I’m so grateful for that day,you are a life saver.Youre very good at what you do,keep it up!


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