Tips to make you stay focused in 2020- Kim Osadebay

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Dubai based Investment/Business Consultant Kim Osadebay New Year advice this 2020, Is to stay focused, Invest wisely, Avoid Debt and Save.

Here are some tips to keep you focused in 2020.


Just Like the popular saying “Health is wealth”, Make sure you visit your Doctor regularly for check up. Avoid self medication. Don’t be ignorant and assume what the sickness is. Get professional Doctors to run test and prescribe the right Medicine.

*Live a healthy Lifestyle by eating right, Rather than feeding your body with junks always.

*Exercise always, Either go to the gym, once in while take a walk. Yoga is also good.

*After a Long day at work, sleep well so you can feel refreshed which helps your mental and Physical health.


Have a budget for everything you want from the beginning of this year.

* Reduce the way you borrow money this year.
*Don’t try to impress anybody, While depressing yourself in the process.

*Your children school fees, Accommodation and general Lifestyle must be within your income range.


*Be honest and sincere in business, Let your clients, business partners see that honesty in you.

*Attend the right events, connect with people. Don’t act desperate, be confident about selling your brand, business.

*It is very important to dress smartly, neatly and confidently. The way you dress, is the way you will addressed.

*Learn to follow up with clients, send messages on their birthdays, anniversaries to mention but a few.

*Its also important to get clients feedbacks.  This helps improve in some areas of your business. Give clients the best services and products.


Take more responsibility for your Livelihood in 2020.


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