Lagos Fashion Week Presents Woven Threads III | 22nd – 24th April, 2022

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 Lagos Fashion Week will return for Woven Threads III in partnership with Fashion Revolution & Fashion Open Studio from tomorrow Friday 22nd April to 24th April, 2022. Woven Threads III will adopt a hybrid format with a physical installation to engage the creative community within Lagos and with a digital calendar which is accessible to a wider global audience. Here’s a round-up of what to expect. 

 Fashion Business Series Fashion Business Series, a platform designed to facilitate conversations with key stakeholders in the industry will be hosted via digital panel sessions. Fashion Business Series will feature panels on digital fashion, extending product life cycles, and more with speakers like Adebayo Oke-Lawal (Founder, Orange Mentorship), Andrea Iyamah (Founder, Seed Ambition), Eliana Kuo (Founder, Lablaco), Cleo Aitken (Founder, Style Rotate), amongst others. Digital Presentations and Physical Interactive Installations.

Continuing the need to cultivate sustainable practices within the industry to build circular value cycles with a focus on efficient social and economic growth models, Woven Threads will welcome a number of digital presentations and a physical interactive installation. Curated by TJWHO, the physical installation will be held at Untitled by So.nne. Designers participating include:  NKWO, IAMISIGO, Shem Paronelli, Emmy Kasbit, Maliko, Pepperrow, TJWHO, the Green Access 2021 cohort (FIA, Cute-Saint, Desiree Iyama, Kadiju, Lohije), and Eki Kere (formerly House of Ekii). Participating designers for digital presentations include: Tolu Coker, Lilabare, Abigail Ajobi and Rethread.

 Lagos Fashion Week Swap ShopLaunched for the first time, at the SS22 showcase in October, 2021 – the blockchain enabled Swap Shop is back! Putting into practice the foundations of a circular economy that prioritises reuse, reduce & recycle, The Swap Shop initiative invites consumers to think about the ways they can effect change with their own buying choices by facilitating the exchange of pre-owned items through swapping, sharing, donating and resale. The Swap Shop will be open from 22nd to 24th April, 2022. 

 Lagos Fashion Week Presents: Salubata equity-based NFT Under the Lagos Fashion Week Presents platform, Salubata will be releasing their Equity-based NFT on Salubata has a patented technology of producing limited edition modular shoes from recycled plastic wastes.  Present NFT supply is limited to 100 for 0.2 ETH. NFT holders with Early Access will be able to  unlock exclusive access to Salubata’s VIP events and virtual land experiences in the Metaverse. For example, they can place orders in the metaverse to receive the physical product in real life. 

 Lablaco, the first blockchain enabled Circular Fashion Platform designed to create a next generation of ecosystem for designer brands will onboard Woven Threads  designers for digital sale, rental and more.Woven Threads III will feature interactive video presentations,  live studio tours,  a physical fashion installation,  digital salons, workshops, and fashion films. 

Woven Threads III physical installation is open to the public from Saturday 23rd April and will run till 24th April 2022. Woven Threads III is an initiative of Style House Files & Lagos Fashion Week in partnership with Fashion Revolution and Fashion Open Studio. It is supported by Lush Hair, and TECNO. 

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