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Thousands of people both at home and in the diaspora have lost their hard-earned money trying to buy lands for future purpose to resell or to build their dream homes by investing in the wrong property, company or family. It has become nightmare as they wonder if their dreams of owning property will ever come to life.

Cielo City Estate team for years now have made people”s dream become a reality by buying good Lands in Nigeria at affordable rates without breaking a bank. Damilola Ogunyemi, author and C.E.O.  of Cielo City Estate, In an online interview with Zivang team talks about his humble beginnings, Land investment and Future prospects. Read interview below.




Let’s meet the brain behind CIELO CITY ESTATE?

Damilola Ogunyemi is my name. I help people grow their finance (Money) through real estate land banking investment. I started my real estate journey with 11,000 in 2012 and today we have 6 estates in our portfolio including a beach front estate.



From research, you started out as a dish washer in Chicken Republic, How did you start Real Estate Company in Nigeria?


It was simple, I knew where I was going in life and what I wanted out of life, so I started out early while my school mates were in school. I was there washing dishes and cleaning floors, clearing tables, and the like and in the same organization I became an assistant marketing manager at the franchise of chicken republic I was working for. I didn’t want to finish from school and start looking for jobs when I could be creating jobs for others.



Did all these experiences affect your Life positively?


100%!!! Our experiences in life shape us. One can decide to get the negative or positive vibes out of life’s experiences. It’s all about choices.


Having worked in e-commerce sector, Did you know you would be an entrepreneur or it just happened by chance?

I consulted for Jumia market, I was 3rd party logistics partner to Konga, Co founder Dilati, Consulted for Justrite online platform (biggest indigenous chain store in Nigeria), which is part of my entrepreneurial journey.


I started hawking Biro, Pencils, Ice Water from the age of 7-10 back in the days when WAEC was marked manually, I would go to different marking centers in Abeokuta, (AGGS, ABEO,CATHOLIC etc) to sell my products just to raise money to buy a bicycle.


In my secondary school, after school hours I would go into the bush to get almond fruits and different types of fruits then go to my former primary school to sell it. My parents didn’t know I did that at the time.


The day they caught me, you should know the rest of the story . So, I had always known I would be an entrepreneur because I love freedom. I really don’t like 9-5 lifestyle, so I only worked 9-5 during my NYSC after which I have been on my journey .




In this Real Estate sector, where there are lots of Real estate’s companies springing up in Nigeria, What makes Cielo City Estate stand out?


We introduced land banking to the industry where investors earn up to 30% of their land value through our land banking model. Our locations are right, we don’t have “omo onile” issues on our properties, our properties are affordable and most of all let me leave this to what our clients says about us which can be found on our website or Google my business


Let’s talk about Real Estate and branding. How have you been able to showcase CIELO City estate?

Cielo City Estate brand stands for financial freedom, we offer what investors want so we put our products right in front of those who need it because we are not taking from people to enrich ourselves rather we are taking ordinary people out of nothing to getting them steps further to reaching their financial goals.


Recently, You unveiled a new book titled “HOW TO LOCATE THE RIGHT REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT PROPERTY”, Is this book still available for free on your platform?


Yes It is still available through our Whatsapp platform all you need to do is to send us a message requesting for the book on +234-817-353-7556, It will be sent out to you. The reason for writing this book is to let everyone who truly desire success knows that they can do it no matter the challenges of life they are facing at the moment. I have being more like them and I share how I transitioned my life from zero to leading in the industries I have found myself. In the book are real life stories of myself, I showed people how I did it.


This is not a motivational book but a call to action. Let me let you dig deeper into my life. I come from a family of 4 children and I was what they call the black sheep. Growing up parents told their children not to come close to me because they felt I was a bad influence, I was always determined to do things my way which in our time you dare not look into elders eyes face to face.


I dared a lot of elders and stood for what I believed in so It quickly labelled me in the society as notorious. (This affected me because I didn’t have friends who are my age mate) My father and I were always at war, I can categorically say 90% of fights between my dad and Mum was based on my matter. However, Looking back, those same parents are pointing fingers to their other children ‘don’t you see Damilola bla bla bla’ and the most rewarding for me was the day my Mother sent a message to me telling me how proud she is of me and what we are doing to the society and the painful part was how she wished my father was still alive to see what my life has turned into. But in all I give glory to God.



How has Cielo City team been able to protect their clients Lands from being hijacked by scammers?


First you need a professional to walk you through investing in landed or home properties. This might cost you few Naira or dollars but it’s worth it because it will take away a lot of stress from you or your losing your money. With our wealth of experience we have helped several real estate companies acquire properties that are genuine over the years. We do our due diligence before we acquire any of our properties.



Congratulations on unveiling of new Estates, Are these Estates outside Lagos and what are the benefits customers get to enjoy living in these Estates?

Most of our estates are in Lagos, Ibeju Lekki and Epe as at the time of this interview. However we are expanding to other cities soon. What our clients will be enjoying is our land banking platform for these estates, where they keep earning on their landed property. Gone are the days where you just buy land and keep, with our land banking model our clients keep earning rents on their land.




In this Digital era, Kindly give tips on how Cielo City Estate team have been able to market the brand via digital media?

From inception, Cielo city has always driven her brand through the social media platforms in reaching out to our audience.


Covid-19 pandemic came as a surprise in the year 2020 with unemployment increase all over Nigeria, Cielo City Estate encourages people to be part time marketers with good commission?


Wow… I can go on and on… To start with, Cielo city estate was already functioning as if there was a pandemic even before it all started. We built our company on what we believe will change the world right from the start. We introduced network marketing and referral marketing model to our company, this allows individuals or marketing teams to take up our products push it out there and get up to 20% on each sales they make.

This has helped a lot of people who are looking for extra source of income for themselves or people who are looking for full time jobs. One of the testimonials for me is when a young man who reached out to me on LinkedIn told me how much he wanted to succeed in life and I introduced him to our referral platform. He lives in Sango and comes to the Island every week it wasn’t easy but under one year of hard work he was able to own his own properties, car and other incentives like generator, TV and the likes.  Or there was a day I was at the airport and a lady walked up to me to thanked me that through our platform she has being able to pay for her children’s school fees. Such stories give us the energy to go on even though it takes a lot of hard work but the result is sure and guaranteed.


How can people invest wisely after covid-19 pandemic in Real Estate?

Real estate is still the surest investment I know of as at now. It is one of the things you can transfer to your generations. I always advice people to invest in real estate no matter how little. Look for a reputable company with land banking platform it gives better income. Cielo city offers that.

Can you tell us challenges you encountered over time in business?

Every industry has its own peculiar challenges however for us at Cielo city estate I can say most of the challenges are based on human resources’ which I believe most businesses face. This gives me concern because it tells on how poor our education system is. I can’t tell it all having to hire and fire back to back… but in all, those challenges made us a better company.

What keeps you going even in this Covid-19 pandemic?

To be honest nothing has really changed for us. Before the pandemic our model has been pandemic proof.

Tell us mentors you respect in Real Estate sector?

Mummy Ibukun Awosika, Pastor Adeboye and Bishop Oyedepo in Nigeria, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki and Grant Cardon.


Aside work, how do you relax yourself?

I love swimming, reading but most of all I love driving long journeys… Reason I sometimes get my drivers off the wheels to take clients to site myself…lol and I love coaching.



Mention things you can’t do without on a daily basis?

Internet and iPhone


Any plan to start a Real Estate training school in future?

We would be launching our real estate school this year. This has already being created and we would be launching our Head Office building complex in the month of August which real estate training facility and recreational facility(swimming pool, football, camping rooms.. etc) will be unveiled for trainees.

In one word can you describe yourself?

I am a Leader and Innovator.


Your favourite business quotes?

A good parent leaves GOOD inheritance for his/her grand children.  Don’t buy properties that wont appreciate in value and call that inheritance, I have come across people who their parents give properties that the property is a problem to live in and worst of all to sell them is hard. So ISS will advise you request for my book on How To Locate The Right Real Estate Investment Property on Whatsapp +234-817-353-7556


Advice to upcoming Realtors?

Cielo City Estate started from my one bedroom apartment so I will advise upcoming realtors to Start with what you have, from where you are, get a coach and grow from there. Note what I said Coach because a lot of people go in search of mentors. And in this part of the world, people have misunderstood the work of a mentor and a coach.  So I will shed a little light on that now.

A coach is someone who monitors your daily activity towards your goals while a mentor only advice you on what to do. A coach takes the responsibility to see to your success. Have you seen a football team without a coach? No, You can reach out to us to put you on our coaching platform on Whatsapp +234-817-353-7556


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