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Meet the Public Relations Boss – Yetty Ogunnubi


Award-winning PR Consultant  Yetty Ogunnubi was born in Lagos to a family of artist, both her parents are front-runners exterior decorators and artist in Nigeria.

Yetty, as she is fondly called, is a leading professional in the fashion, arts and corporate industry with over 17 years experience in Fashion, PR, Marketing, Creative & Image Branding and Event Management. Over the years, Yetty has managed publicity projects for numbers of government. organizations, corporate businesses, fashion and creative events, press conferences, promoted emerging and established labels and artists internationally of which many of them have gone ahead to become household names in their different industries.
She started her career as a Fashion designer in the UK with her brand Yetty D (Revolution by Yetty D) a lifestyle brand which became a household name, after starting off the label she started her annual fashion event which gave platforms to the UK up and coming fashion designers, models and artists.
Whilst pursuing her career as a fashion entrepreneur she contributed as a writer and proofreader for a couple of fashion magazine in the UK before she became a fashion editor for the ISAAC Outlook Magazine an exclusive lifestyle Magazine.

Yetty’s creativity as no bounds, her illustrations have been used as covers for books and art pieces over the years as well as been commissioned on several art projects.
In 2009, Alongside her legendary Uncle renowned artist Lemi Ghariokwu. she was commissioned by Punch Records Uk to create fashion pieces for Mannequinns using her uncles cover art for FELA for the Fela TOUR (Arts Own Kind) in the UK.

As a fashion designer, she has been featured in many international magazines and her designs used as costumes for blockbuster movies and music videos.

In 2012, She co-produced for Uber Africa Unmasked in the UK. A reality TV Show set to find the next best African inspired designer in the diaspora. She relocated back to Nigeria, at the end of 2013.
In 2014, She went on to become The Communications Director for Africa Fashion Week London and Africa Fashion Week Nigeria. After celebrities and organisation started approaching her for PR and branding jobs, she decided to establish her PR, Communications and Brand Agency in 2016. (YD AGENCY) and gone on to work on several projects.

She recently became one of the directors of MY AFRICA PROJECT a Nonprofit organisation. She is also a Trustee director for ELOY Foundation of the ELOY Awards and board of Trustees for the Pride Lagos Creative Enterprise Week by Pride Magazine.

She was awarded Pride of Africa Award at the 2018 PFW Africa Event and ForeMag PR Person and Organisation of the Year 2018.

She has also dedicated herself to mentoring youths and young aspiring professionals in both the fashion and corporate world. With the wealth of experience and knowledge, she possesses she believes in inspiring and impacting others to succeed in their endeavours.


In an exclusive interview with Zivang team, Yetty takes us through her career journey on Meet the boss segment.


How did your Public Relations journey all start?

My official Public Relations journey started with Africa Fashion Week Nigeria & London, when the founder Princess Ademiluyi approached me on returning to Nigeria to come on board as the communications director of the 2 platforms, quite challenging at first trying to manage the AFWNigeria as I hadn’t been in the country for long period of time, but i quickly got a hang of it. but majorly my real journey started with me handling the PR for my label back in London and then the reality TV Show I co-produced in the UK.

Relocating from the UK to Nigeria, How would you rate the PR market in Nigeria?

When I moved back 6 years ago I don’t think a lot of small business especially understood the need to have a PR firm but I can see in the last couple of years that has changed but a lot still need to understand the value they will be getting when they enlist a PR personnel or a firm
Did you plan to be an entrepreneur, or you just found yourself along that career path?

I’ve always been an enterprising person even right from secondary school, from making greeting cards and selling it in boarding house to my school mates, then to my father and his friends. Then what seems to be a lifetime ago I started my fashion label in the UK (Yetty D). I sort of knew from a very young age that I wanted to run my thing and my vision encompasses me doing a 9 to 5.

What’ your experience so far as a female CEO in Nigeria?

This will take a whole day to share but to summarise it. I’ve had to become a much tougher person, running a business anywhere in the world is tough but running a successful business in Nigeria is an achievement in itself, we all know the challenges businesses face in Nigeria and then being female CEO, need I say more but in all honesty God has been faithful to me, Nigeria has been good to me but I’ve also had a few challenges more in regards to partnerships and other parties fulfilling their own end of the bargain.

What keeps you going in challenging situations of running a business in Nigeria?

Trust me I have a lot of moments I just want to give up or I break down. especially when people take advantage of my goodwill but you know what I have a vision and I’m nowhere near where I want to be. The legacy I want to leave behind one day keeps me going.

With so many people calling themselves Public Relations consultant, especially the non certified ones. Do you feel Public Relations Experts have gotten that expose to improve on PR?

Like any industry there is always room for improvement, I’m also a firm believer that some people just have some talents in built-in them and should utilise it but also then from time empower themselves more.

What’s the unique selling point of YD Agency?

YD Agency is a one-stop-shop for all facets of Brand Communications and PR Management. Our Key offerings are creating visibility and expanding mindshare for our client brands, across value chains, reaching the target audience, penetration of markets, eliciting desired reactions and amplifying desired perceptions.

What’s your view of Employers exploitation of staff in Nigeria, especially those that go against the Labour Law?

I strongly believe in taking care of your own. it helps in the development and growth of the business and helps when your employees are treated well. Compassion to humanity is a keyword I abide by.

How have you been able to stand tall despite the huge competition?

I think i know my Onions I’ve somehow carved a niche so far for the agency with my team and we keep pushing more and as well educating ourselves on ways to better our services.

From research, You have a good relationship with people, especially responding to phone calls swiftly. How do you maintain this good relationship with clients, media and friends?

I think I’ve always taken the agency like my baby, so I’m quite hands-on with making sure we are a good communicator at the agency, I believe I’m quite passionate with what I do as well and You see in my industry maintaining a good relationship is key to having good collaborators as allies.

In this new decade, Any plan for trainings, To help the upcoming entrepreneurs?

Oh, definitely I have a few things I’m cooking up. I have a radio show on Africa Business Radio (Unbranded by Yetty D) which will kick off in February as well as a TV show I’m currently working on and we have a series of event to help empower young creatives. from time to time we also take in interns.

What’s your definition of style?
Style for me is being comfortable in my skin. I’m one of those people that people you can identify me from afar because of my dress sense which is Stylishly Quirky, Classy and Comfortable. I like to define my style not to follow the normal trend, I do me basically.

Your favourite business quotes?
“PR is extremely important, and being able to use it in the right way means everything. You must market your success”. -Lee Haney

Aside work, how do you relax.
I love going to the SPA and going to the cinema to watch an action movie, believe or not distresses me.

Diamond in the Rough Initiative empower young entrepreneurs


As part of giving back to the society, Diamond in the Rough Initiative empower Young female entrepreneurs recently in Lagos.

Professionals from various sectors were well represented at the event such as Human Resource  Manager of Stanbic IBTC Pension Management, Abiola Falusi, CEO of UH Zone Dry Cleaning Company, Mrs Beverly oyewole, HR Professional Bola Shote and Pastor of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Seyi.


TheEvolve 360 Mentorship Program is a mentorship program designed by Diamonds in the Rough Initiative to help young ladies advance in making positive life choices, maximize their authentic potential, build their voices and empower them to create positive change in their communities and lives.

In a brief chat with the Founder of Diamond in the Rough Initiative, Adejoke Adegun, She explains the rationale behind the initiative. “There are Lots of underprivileged Youths out there who need support, This is my way helping to curb unemployment in Nigeria.I feel Young Ladies need encouragement and support. Presentations by different Ladies who participated in the evolve 360 programme would be screened by judges, afterwards one idea will be funded by the Initiative”.


The first session of the programme kicked off in October 2019 and ran bi-weekly for 2 months on Mondays and Thursdays. These sessions featured discussions on personal development, vision boarding,emotional intelligence, self awareness, etiquette amongst others.

The final session held on Saturday18th 2020, had the participants pitch their business plans and dreams for the future.

The previous participant, Chikodi Agidi of Diamonds in the rough initiative and current winner for the 2020 edition miss Nkporo  shared her experience to encourage the ladies.

Tips to make you stay focused in 2020- Kim Osadebay


Dubai based Investment/Business Consultant Kim Osadebay New Year advice this 2020, Is to stay focused, Invest wisely, Avoid Debt and Save.

Here are some tips to keep you focused in 2020.


Just Like the popular saying “Health is wealth”, Make sure you visit your Doctor regularly for check up. Avoid self medication. Don’t be ignorant and assume what the sickness is. Get professional Doctors to run test and prescribe the right Medicine.

*Live a healthy Lifestyle by eating right, Rather than feeding your body with junks always.

*Exercise always, Either go to the gym, once in while take a walk. Yoga is also good.

*After a Long day at work, sleep well so you can feel refreshed which helps your mental and Physical health.


Have a budget for everything you want from the beginning of this year.

* Reduce the way you borrow money this year.
*Don’t try to impress anybody, While depressing yourself in the process.

*Your children school fees, Accommodation and general Lifestyle must be within your income range.


*Be honest and sincere in business, Let your clients, business partners see that honesty in you.

*Attend the right events, connect with people. Don’t act desperate, be confident about selling your brand, business.

*It is very important to dress smartly, neatly and confidently. The way you dress, is the way you will addressed.

*Learn to follow up with clients, send messages on their birthdays, anniversaries to mention but a few.

*Its also important to get clients feedbacks.  This helps improve in some areas of your business. Give clients the best services and products.


Take more responsibility for your Livelihood in 2020.

Former Big Brother Naija 2019 Housemate Seyi Awolowo meets the Governor of Lagos state



As part of starting 2020 with a big move Former Big Brother Naija 2019 Housemate, Seyi Awolowo met with the Lagos state first family alongside other state officials such as Deputy Governor Dr Femi Hamzat amongst others.

The meeting happened yesterday at a function put together at the state house to celebrate the new year.

We see Seyi making big moves already and walking in the corridors of power. More power to his elbow as he keeps representing the Nigerian youth in a good light.



Entertainment detectives’ Top Nigerian Female Voiceover Artistes of The Decade”


“We often refuse to accept an idea merely because the tone of voice in which it has been expressed is unsympathetic to us.” –Friedrich Nietzsche

“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning” –Maya Angelou

For a proper understanding and appreciation of the importance of voice over and voice over acts, there was a need to put those quotes up.
To also further shed more light on voice over, let’s make use of this definition that says
“Voice-over (also known as off-camera or off-stage commentary) is a production technique where a voice—that is not part of the narrative (non-diegetic)—is used in a radio, television production, filmmaking, theatre, or other presentations.”

There are times we listen to sweepers, commercials and information from our radio and we grasp the idea without even seeing the person speaking but we feel so carried along… this can’t be done by just anybody, it take a special skill to do this and this skill is possessed by people referred to as “Voice over acts”

Now due to the widespread and popularity of the use of social media and internet, it has become difficult to catch the attention of people and it takes a properly thought and drafted script/copy that is delivered the right way by a professional to pass the message and grow on people.
2019 marking the end of a decade, we can’t deny the impact of the radio as a major tool of passing messages across to the large audience in Nigeria so it is only fair to recognize and celebrate the voices behind most of the popular jingles we hear on radio, television and other platforms. For the purpose of this write up we are zooming into the female voice over acts that we can identify as trailblazers. These ladies are behind several animated, off-stage, off-screen and non-visible characters in various works, including feature films, short films, television programs, IVRs, radio imaging, commercials, radio or audio dramas, video games, audiobooks and documentaries.

Let’s jump into our list of the Top Female voice actors from the past 10 years!
NB- Our lists are not ranked; all items have equal standing in our brains.
So in no particular order


– CHIOMA OKPALA – @chiomabbb: Chioma is a creative consultant, emotional Intelligence (E.I) coach, broadcaster and professional voice-over artiste with over 18 years of experience little wonder she is one of Nigeria’s most sought after commercial voices and has worked for various high profile brands amongst which are Lagos Business School (LBS), Sales Craft Limited, Oando Plc, Mtn Nigeria, Etisalat Nigeria (9 Mobile) , Stanbic IBTC Bank, Dstv Nigeria, OLX Nigeria, Proemcees Academy, Unilever Plc, Saipem, Total to mention a few. Chioma speaks six (6) languages; English, French, Pidgin, Igbo, Idoma.

– Ewoma Oyegwa – @ewoma_o : Ewoma Oyegwa is a Nigerian voice actress, radio personality, television host, and creative producer/media personality.
Ewoma is the prestigious voiceover brand who has work with notable brands such as, Redbull, Quickteller, First Bank Nigeria, Jobberman, Shoprite among many others.
In 2013, the unassuming Ewoma became the first Nigerian female voiceover talent to ever brand a radio station (Coolfm Nigeria) through the use of station imaging, which she has also done for other top TV stations such as TVC, Views Channel just to name a few. Ewoma’s voice is very striking and distinctive which she uses in a versatile way.


– STEPHANIE UGBEYE – @thevocalexpressionist Being a professional media consultant, freelance creative writer, singer, voice actor and talk host who has some practical media industry experience, Stephanie has been engaged widely in the development of storytelling. She has voiced for Commercials, Animation, Documentaries and Podcasting with language specifications in English, Itsekiri and Pidgin for major brands in Nigeria and beyond.

– FOLUSTORMS – @folustorms: Ada Afoluwake Ogunkeye popularly called Folu Storms, is a Nigerian radio host, presenter, actress, voice-over artist, and television host.
Storms began to work as a lawyer, before she started with the radio station 92.3 Inspiration fm in 2012. She competed for the MTV Base Africa’s VJ search and she was one of the three finalists.
Storms won the 2017 Ebony Life TV Sisterhood Awards for TV Personality of the Year the 2018 On-Air Personality award for the Future award and ELOY Awards. Her voice is behind major commercials and jingles that play on radio stations.

– TITITHEDYNAMITE – @titithedynamite: Titi Adelagun Oyinsan popularly known as Titi (TheDynamite) Oyinsan is a Nigerian On Air Personality for TVC and is the COO at Amber11 Media.
From modeling, she went into TV after being encouraged by producers and agencies she worked with. Her Tv journey started with NTA Network, after which she worked with Soundcity where she worked alongside Denrele Edun. She is co-host of TV show Wake Up Nigeria on Television Continental along with Abayomi Owope and has lent her voice to the sounds playing on major platforms.
From this list above, we would be adding more names subsequently but for a start, to identify voice over artistes and the female doing big things in this industry.
We celebrate these powerful voices and the entire people who work behinds the scenes.


Feel free to nominate or draw out attention to more people doing “wonders “ behind the scenes so we can recognize and celebrate them.
Email: entertainmentdetectives@gmail.com
IG: @entdetectives
Twitter: @entdetective

Dutch Airline KLM Celebrate 100 years anniversary all over the world


In the celebration spirit, Royal Dutch Airlines KLM marked its 100th anniversary all over the world in style recently.

The spectacular event was attended by the Minister of Finance, Wopke Hoesktra. customers, partners, Air France -KLM Executives, staff from various divisions.

In keeping with tradition, KLM marked its anniversary with the presentation of a new Delftware miniature house; a moment eagerly awaited by faithful collectors all over the world.

KLM also marked its centenary with a special book titled Welcome Aboard – 100 years of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The first copy was presented by KLM’s current Board of Managing Directors, Pieter Elbers, René de Groot and Erik Swelheim, to three former KLM presidents, Pieter Bouw, Leo van Wijk and Peter Hartman.

This year’s miniature is a replica of Huis ten Bosch Palace in The Hague, the home of King Willem-Alexander and his family. The first copy of KLM’s 100th Delftware miniature house was presented to Finance Minister Wopke Hoestra by KLM President & CEO Pieter Elbers.

According to the President & CEO, Pieter Elbers, “fact that we are celebrating our 100th anniversary is not just testimony to a century of successful enterprise, innovation, and commerce, but also to the faith that customers and partners have in KLM. It is an ode to KLM’s aviation pioneers, who literally put civil aviation on the map worldwide”.

“KLM is the oldest international airline still operating under its original name. We were the first airline to successfully pursue partnerships and alliances, after which many other countries and airlines followed our example. This has brought together hundreds of millions of people around the globe. As Albert Plesman put it: “The ocean of the air unites all people.” We may take pride in our long list of achievements and efforts over the past 100 years. And so we stand – energetic and confident – on the threshold of a new century. Filled with the same pioneering and enterprising spirit, we look forward, with optimism, to taking on the challenges of sustainability and innovation.”

History KLM 100 years

Since the 1950s, KLM has presented specially designed Delftware miniature houses to World Business Class passengers on intercontinental flights. The houses are replicas of monumental buildings throughout the Netherlands. The number of houses in the collection has kept pace with KLM’s anniversary since 1994, with new miniatures added to the collection on or around KLM’s anniversary on 7 October.

In 1919, the young aviation pioneer Albert Plesma founded the aviation of tomorrow. As the first chief executive of KLM he had a dream: “the ocean of the air unites all people”, a network that connects all people. His vision for the future and determination have made dreams into reality.

Ever since, KLM has represented entrepreneurship and connection. For over one hundred years, the typical Dutch entrepreneurial spirit and hospitality have been travelling the world. KLM truly is Dutch heritage, connecting the Netherlands to the world and the world to the Netherlands. With KLM, travellers and companies have discovered different cultures and made their world that much bigger. By establishing and expanding our network, we connect the world, right from our home base in Amsterdam, with more than 160 destinations today.

Right from the start, we have connected with our customers by putting them first. We do so with all our passionate employees on the ground and in the air, visible or behind the screens, with the transparency and hospitality that is embedded in our DNA. It has brought us where we are today: a strong brand and moreover an airline that touches the hearts of its customers time and again.

In the past century, the world has changed drastically, and change will remain a constant factor. We have turned one hundred years old by seizing opportunities, taking up challenges, connecting with partners, and embracing new technologies. Aviation provides an important contribution to the Dutch economy. As the third largest private employer in the Netherlands, KLM is closely linked to its surroundings. That is something to be both proud of and prudent with.

The challenges of today and tomorrow remain undiminished. The care for our surroundings – nature, environment and climate – is a reality now more than ever. We have only one planet and when it comes to the future of sustainable aviation, the expectations are sky high. We owe it to the next generations, together with our partners, to find solutions for the next one hundred years. No one wins in a world that loses.

KLM staff worldwide shared special treats in honour of its 100th anniversary. There was cake and a special message from Pieter Elbers. In addition, all KLM staff will receive the coveted 100th KLM Delftware miniature house and were invited to attend the “KLM Experience”. Over the past weekend, KLM staff in their thousands were immersed in 100 years of KLM history.

Photo Credit: Google Image




Actress and human rights advocate Stephanie Linus has once again demonstrated an unrelenting fight against fistula and child marriage with her recent fistula awareness campaign in Maiduguri, Borno State.

Using her award-winning movie – DRY as a tool to educate young girls and women, the actress pushed forward her message for fistula prevention and child rights protection.

Obstetric fistula is a severe condition that has devastating consequences for women and young girls. It is prevalent in poor countries, communities with high number of child brides and among women who give birth without access to medical help. If a woman’s labor becomes obstructed, she could remain in excruciating pain for days before her baby is finally dislodged. Her baby likely dies, and she is often left with an obstetric fistula, a small hole created by constant pressure from the foetus, which renders her incontinent. A woman with fistula constantly leaks urine, feaces or both.

Stephanie’s goal is to eradicate fistula in Africa.

The program was supported by the UNFPA, where Ms. Linus serves as Regional Ambassador for Maternal Health in West and Central Africa.

Kinabuti Fashion Initiative build an ICT skilled pool in Orile Iganmu through Partnership


Recently, KFI got to do what they always enjoy doing; that is empowering youths towards a brighter future and enjoying the elation on the faces of the ones we empower. As an organization, they  have learned that one of the most effective ways to make a difference is by partnering with like-minded organizations.

Kinabuti Fashion Initiative belief in doing good has led to a sustained partnership with the Orile Iganmu Progressive Association (OIPA). One of the projects we have jointly embarked on has been the free ICT training for youths. This program has enabled us to train the young people of Orile Iganmu whose parents cannot afford to do so, by giving them an opportunity to learn basic ICT skills in order to better their lives.

This is the 22nd graduation ceremony and there is a growing pool of youth skilled in ICT. So far, there are over 500 of them. This time around, there was a third partner in this noble business of doing good.

Jotna Nigeria Ltd, makers of the popular drinks, La Casera and Smoov, joined forces with KFI and OIPA to provide the training. Represented by the Head of Human Resources, Subhash Bansiwal said they partnered with the two bodies because they want to be part of those who build Nigeria.

He said “We believe that this training will help this youths become better citizens. To empower the youth is to empower the nation.”

He joined Francesca Rosset and Priti Sundrani of Kinabuti to hand over diplomas to the proud, graduating students. To enforce a quest for excellence, the best graduating students received awards in addition to their certificates.

Speaking on behalf of the other students, the elated valedictorian said. “This training has helped me to become a better person, before now I didn’t know what a computer looks like but now, I don’t only know but I can use it efficiently.” He reflected the thoughts of the other students and their grateful parents. ICT skills would surely transform youth towards brighter career futures.

The celebrants and their guests were served refreshments and took photographs to commemorate the event.

Speaking for Kinabuti Fashion Initiative, Executive Director Francesca Rosset expressed her happiness about the strategic collaboration with OIPA and Jotna. Such partnerships in future would continue to lift youths from a place of poverty and unemployment into a brighter future.

Interview with Virtual Film Maker- Joel Kachi Benson


Award winning Virtual filmmaker Joel Kachi Benson is the first African to win Virtual Reality Award at Venice International Film Festival. In 20 minutes chat with ZIVANG team Joel shares his inspiration, curiosity to give voices through film, acceptance of the Virtual Reality Film In Nigeria.

My name is Joel Kachi Benson, I am a documentary film maker and Virtual Reality content creator, I have been making documentaries for 10 years, I started making Virtual Reality Documentaries in 2018.


The Inspiration behind Production of  Daughters of Chibok VR film stem from my curiosity and desire to know more about the Chibok Kidnappings, My focused switched  to doing something for women of the missing girls, They have not received therapy or supports when the 276 girls where kidnapped 5 years ago April in 2014.

There were lot of   different reports, the government, International & Local Press were giving too many  reports. From the story telling perspective I was always curious, I wanted to find out for myself the real truth, I never got the opportunity to go to Chibok until early this year when I making another project which took us to 6 states in the North EAST.  We passed through Chibok  and passed a few days, That gave me the opportunity to speak with the parents of Kidnapped Chibok girls. From what  I heard,  decided to make a documentary out of it.

Yes, It started as that knowing about the kidnappings, However it more about telling their stories and amplifying their voices. There were so many campaigns centered around bringing  back our girls,Those campaigns are valid, 33 parents have died as a result of trauma directly linked  to the loss of their children, while we are clamoring for the girls to come back we should remember their parents. The purpose of this film is to see how we can show our support for this mothers.

In terms of Virtual Reality  Film in Nigeria, Its early days here in Nigeria, For a lot of people it was novel experience and watching the film in VR, which was my original intent than watching it  regular 2D film.  It made people closer to story, take them closer to Chibok. So far, the acceptance is great, We have been getting positives comments from people who watched the VR Film.

It was selected for Lion Award for Best Story at the 2019 Venice Festival, It  gave credibility to our Chibok girls campaign, That have given the mother/ Leader of Chibok girls Yaya Galang a voice again and have taken  her to the global stage. For Example she was invited to CNN, New York through the United Nations General Assembly, met with United Nations General Secretary to mention but a few . The first African film maker in Virtual reality film production  to win the award for the first time. We are very happy about that.


The major challenges of shooting film in the North is the Risk involved of travelling down to Chibok, For instance we couldn’t go directly. We had to travel through a longer routes to Chibok because of insurgent problem. Summoning the courage to Chibok for security reasons, The case of trust from the Chibok mothers who feel have taken advantage of them using their stories for so many things instead helping them bring back their girls. We had to stay for days letting them know our intentions and build trust then to free to open up.


I spend time with my family. Because I travel a lot, they don’t get to see me as much, so I try to spend more time at home, hang out with the kids, wifey, maybe read a book while they play

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