Meet the Boss: Exclusive interview with Leading Foodpreneur in Nigeria Adujanjollof Foods

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Folukemi Olamiposi founder/ CEO of  Aduganjollof  Foods, Aduganjollof is an award winning food business that services 5-1000 guests on short notice.

Folukemi currently has a Degree in English Education from Ekiti state University, Certificate in Food safety management from the London Business Institute, certificate in entrepreneurial management from Enterprise Development Center, Pan African University.

Project feed Lagos was birthed out of passion of wanting to see that even a less privileged child has a right to good food.

Since inception, They fed 5000 people on the street in the last 3 years through Adugan Jollof initiative.  In an interview with Zivang team at her Food studio, she talks about her challenges, achievements and future projects. Read Excerpts below.

Can we formally meet you?

My name is folukemi olamiposi founder Aduganjollof Foods.

How was your growing up Like as a Nigerian child?

Growing up was fun filled as a grown up in a very organised society, at that time people were more organised and sane compared to now lol. We had to opportunity be part of social activities as a child such as  choreography, sport games and lots more.

From research, you started as an aso oke seller Before you started Adujan jollof Did you ever work in 9-5 firm?

Yes I did for a very short time, I was never comfortable at my job so I knew it was time to go back to business. I had done series of businesses even as a student I never liked the suit and collar idea so I wanted to do something that I can show up at my own timing.

What motivated you start up a food outfit despite the huge competition in the food industry. What is the rationale behind the brand name Adujan Jollof?

Food business has always been inbuilt for me because the purpose of the business is beyond taste. Its  business created to give instant solutions to its customers and impact its local community.

The name was given so clients can easily relate to the brand once its mentioned.  The big pot we use in cooking daily is called adugan in Yoruba, So we named the business Aduganjollof.

So far, How have you been able to stand tall in the food industry since inception?

Aduganjollof is a quick meal service for 5-1000 guests on short notice. We currently are the only food business doing that in Nigeria at the moment.

How do you maintain good customer relationship?

 We have over time built quality relationships with most of our customers by listening to feedbacks and proffering solutions

How you take negative feedbacks from customers?

Properly attending to criticism is another intentional way to grow a business. It helps us  adjust on the part we are found wanting.

Lets talk about  your staff, How did you choose the right staff for your business?

Having the right set of people work with you in food business has to be one of the most difficult things when starting out one. What  I particularly do is look for people with like minds like myself and train them through my processes

All your staff are always smiling and friendly is this part of daily training you give to them?

We currently use a standard operating procedure for our business which in turn allows everyone understand their daily activities. This has helped me build quality relationships with every staff. I also look out for them on their daily lives asides work because I realised that building my team is the first success story.

What is the unique selling point of Adugan jollof?

The ability to solve the problem of getting food on short notice for home use and social events.

Living a healthy Lifestyle is very important, What ways do you encourage and create awareness to all your customers on eating/ Healthy Living?

I am a role model on healthy  living to my customers even with the fact that I sell food I work out almost every day and do more of fruits and salads to look healthy.

In terms of quality of service, What makes Adugan jollof Food outfit stand out in the Food industry?

One of the easiest things you would notice about us is efficiency on delivery timing, good taste of food, and the ability to modify into any type or size of event.

What is your opinion on good branding in Business, How have been able to inculcate this in your business?

Branding is the first thing that sells a business even before tasting the product in food business. We currently have a strong hold on brand recognition. It is hard to find our product and nor identify with it .

How do you keep up with Logistics and delivery services to your customers?

We currently are in partnership with Logistics companies to keep up with deliveries swiftly.

 Recently, you reached out to Vulnerable people in different communities by giving free foods Is this part of CSR project for Adugan Jollof?

Yes, this is currently our corporate social responsibility with over 5000 beneficiaries.

From your own experience what Lessons have you Learnt that is not taught in books?

Life lessons learnt is that no one is coming to fix your life. If you want something go out there and get it done.

As a Mother, what is the secrets of your good Looks?

Healthy living would have to be it. I work out and eat healthy .

Your favourite business quote?

Be original. Your right target market will find you.

Aside work how do you relax yourself?

Currently, I am anti social but hoping to start up being more social in the coming year .

Where do you see Adugan Jollof brand in the next decade?

Greater heights as we are working on opening the business to more opportunities, partnerships, and investments.

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