Abidol enters Nigerian market with Power+ Vitamin C

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Abidol Pharmaceuticals – a European based drug manufacturer – has entered the Nigerian health supplements market with its flagship Power Plus Vitamin C + Zinc. The new product is the brand’s latest move to provide families across emerging markets with quality and innovative pharmaceutical products. 

The effervescent formula which can be consumed by simply dropping a tablet into water and allowed to dissolve boosts of Vitamin C and zinc. While the former enables the solution to boost the immune system, release energy from food and contribute to the growth needed by the body to form collagen, the latter aids metabolism and growth.

Amongst other benefits of the solution is its ability to reduce tiredness and fatigue. In addition to this, the solution can also be consumed by children above 12 years, aged adults and athletes or upwardly mobile professionals with a hectic lifestyle.  

“The latest threat to mankind – Coronavirus – reinforces the need for us to be more proactive in boosting our immune system,” Abiola Ola, Chief Executive Officer, Abidol Pharma said in a statement announcing the product launch. 

“Power Plus, as the name implies, is a double-action solution that does not only contribute to the normal function of the immune system but also reduces stress and fatigue”, Ola further added. 

The product promoter noted that because the product is sugar-free it is the best option for diabetic patients and vegetarians who needs to boost their immune system while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

The solution is also adjudged to be fat and starch free and has no artificial colour or preservatives. 

The company also noted that it plans to unveil its Power Plus Pregnacare and Power Plus folic acid. These products it says are aimed at offering families the requisite supplements to ensure a healthy lifestyle.


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