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Makeup By Osejulz is a makeup service brand located in Ikoyi, Lagos state, dedicated to catering for makeup service needs within Lagos state, other parts of Nigeria and across the world for events, weddings, birthday shoot, brand activitations, makeup training for personal or professional purposes etc.

What sets the brand apart from most makeup service brands is the fact that it’s style of makeup artistry Is unique.

In a world where everyone wants to look like the next person to feel confident or wear heavy makeup to completely mask their identity just to look like the person trending on social media or to feel “among”, The makeupByOsejulz brand helps woman of different age and skin tones to feel confident while looking like themselves. While retaining their natural beautiful features but an enhanced version.

A version where you see yourself, your skin tone is matched, your brows are natural, you entire makeup looks like you but a radiant version, a youthful version , an elegant and classy version . That’s what makeupbyosejulz lives for.

We want to change the narrative that you need 50 layers of foundation to glam up! Or you need 10 shades lighter concealer to “pop” your face. Here we retain your skin tone while giving you a radiant glow and confidence in your unique beauty.

Connect with us today:

Instagram: @makeupbyosejulz || Facebook: Osejulesworld  || WhatsApp: +2347067131491 || Website:

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