CEO of O’Della Food Hub Mrs. Ololade Adewummi is the Queen of Spices and here is why

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CEO of O’Della Food Hub, Mrs Adewummi/Past President Lagos central Lions club,has proven to us she is the Queen of Spices. O’Della is one of the Leading brand in the Agribusiness market. With over 20 spices specially created to suit different needs for both young and old. These products are monosodium glutamate (MSG) free healed so many diseases of customers in Nigeria & abroad who patronized O’Della brand since inception.

Mrs. Adewummi Love for selfless service to humanity made her join Lions Club during her University days. During one of her trips with Lions Club members to India she researched about healthy spices and food products, that is where her entrepreneurial journey began.

In a brief interview at her Ketu showroom with Zivang team Mrs Adewummi spoke passionately about her spices, awareness on healthy Living, humanitarian services and future plans as an Agripreneur to make O’Della spices a global brand.

Can you briefly introduce yourself ?

My name is Ololade Adewumi, I am CEO of O’Della food hub, We promote healthy living through the use of herbs & spices.  We provide natural food products for people, monosodium  glutamate (MSG) free,99 percent of our food products are sourced directly from the farm.

How did O’DELLA food hub start?

I am an advocate of healthy Living, I started with slimming coffee,it was very good. My clients wanted something to keep fit, the company in China  that was supplying  me folded up due to fake products that infiltrated into the Nigerian market. I noticed on my Dad’s 70th birthday I noticed a Lump on his breast, I asked him to go for check up. After some many check ups, he was diagnosed of Cancer. My Dad was told he won’t survive it after several treatments. We have over 20 products such as Mixed spice, Jollof spice, Peppersoup spice, Fried rice spice to mention but a few.

I remembered all I  Learnt from a spice shop when I travelled for a trip to India, in course of the trip I Learnt how to make spices , I used the first set of spices for my Father’s meals, changed his diet, I am happy to say he is still alive and free from Cancer. That is what motivated me to start O’Della business.

Are your products affordable for an average Nigerian?

Yes It is, as a humanitarian my main aim is to educate, encourage people to Live and stay healthy.  The price is affordable for an average Nigerian, they get value for their money. I sell quality products to our customers in Nigeria and Abroad. Regularly, I do sales to ensure customers get products at discounted rates.

What is your view on Living a healthy Lifestyle?

All these diseases like hypertension, diabetes is all about living a healthy Lifestyle. That is why our products are Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) free, It natural and sourced straight from the farm. For example, An elderly Woman bought our Zobo hibiscus Leaves, it cured her diabetes and since then she keeps telling people about the uniqueness of the Zobo drink. What we eat or drink is very important to Live a healthy Lifestyle.

Kindly talk about humanitarian services you’ve have done to create awareness on Living a healthy Lifestyle?

As a Lion’s club member I educate people on healthy Living through diverse programmes in churches, schools, organise free trainings, speaking opportunities to create more awareness on Living a healthy Lifestyle.Lions club health awareness week where I taught elderly people suffering from diabetes on how to make healthy O’Della zobo drink without Sugar, training for teenagers on entrepreneurship, empowering Women & Men in various communities to mention but a few.

As an Agripreneur how do you manage customers in this business?

Customers are very important to us in this business. Personally, I believe in good communication and that has kept this business going for now.Knowing your customers and understanding them is very important.

What  makes  brand stand out?

Once you have good and quality products it would always sell you out. I am not in competition with anybody, I am all about healthy Living. All our products are sourced 99 percent straight from farm. We supply our products to different parts of Nigeria, kudos to my Logistics team for swift delivery. We have more 15 distributors all across Nigeria.

What are the challenges you encountered running this business?

As a growing brand that launched out in 2020, the pandemic is really affecting my business, high cost of products. Products I buy for 35 naira is now 60 naira, this affected my business. I had to consider my customers, I didn’t  increase products  price too much so it wont  discourage our distributors  in different states.

Your favourite Entrepreneur quotes?

Keep Moving, Don’t stop.

How do you relax yourself?

I take time off to relax during my vacation trips.

Where do you see the brand 3 years from now?

I see brand  O’Della as a global brand, Odella products to be used  every household in Nigeria.

To know more about  O’Della Food Hub follow @Odellanaturals on instagram

Contact via this platform to be a Distributor 08032011846

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