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On Sunday, 16th May 2021, REVIV Lagos was officially launched virtually to an audience of expectant wellness and health enthusiast. REVIV is a global internal wellness and health brand with over 90 locations and counting in various countries around the world.






The launch event was graced with the presence of Her Excellency First Lady of Ogun State, Mrs Bamidele Abiodun, Mrs Olasumbo Odunsi (CEO REVIV Nigeria); Dr Andrew Iroemeh (Medical Director REVIV Lagos); Mo Abudu (Media Mogul); Mrs Joke Bakare (Pharmacist and Managing Director Medplus; Dr Dasilva Ibru (Obstetrician/ Gynecologist and Founder WARIF) who formed the panelists and was hosted by Fade Ogunro (CEO Bookings Africa).



The panelist had an enlightening conversation where they highlighted the importance of internal health and wellness, while shedding light on how REVIV as a global brand is setting the pace for a modern form of wellness by targeting wellness from within. The conversation educated the audience on the importance of vitamins and the benefits of the IV therapy and booster shots as it is a faster and more efficient way to give the body the nutrients it needs to rejuvenate and repair.




There was an interactive segment where the panel answered a few dynamic questions that related the various products targeted at beauty, fitness – especially for the sport and exercise enthusiast, also questions were raised on therapy to aid hydration in which the Medical Director Dr Andrew answered saying


‘IV hydration is the intake of fluids to help keep the skin and internal organs cleansed similar to drinking water, the hydration goes straight into the blood stream hereby giving making it faster and more efficient’



Speaking at the event CEO REVIV Lagos Mrs Odunsi was asked why REVIV was brought to Lagos and what sets REVIV apart from other wellness clinics and she responded saying,


‘I realized that there was a lacuna in the wellness industry in Nigeria and having been to the REVIV Clinic in other countries, Nigeria and Nigerians as a whole needed to have this experience and what makes REVIV different others is how the medical team had to undergo a special training on and how to use the medical consumable’s, equipment’s as well an advanced genetics training before being certified’


REVIV Lagos is said to offer top-of-the-range IV therapy, booster shots such as Hydromax, Vita glow, and the Royal flush IV, B12 shots, a natural energy booster and Megaboost infusions which aids jet lag and helps the immunity system. These shots all work in tandem to help repair and rejuvenate the body system. REVIV Lagos also offers services such DNA testing and vaccinations.









Our wellness journey began in 2011 when four emergency room physicians with a combined 40 years of clinical experience came together with a common thought: to bring IV therapies to a private spa-like setting and make them accessible and affordable for the mass population.


A year later in Miami Beach, USA, we launched our first clinic and pioneered the elective IV hydration industry by establishing the first exclusive IV medical spa in the world. The concept was simple: to offer customers a higher level of care than is possible with over-the-counter medication and supplements without the need to visit a doctors’ office or hospital.


For more enquiries regarding REVIV Lagos, visit them at 12 Glover, Ikoyi Lagos or reach them via email at or via telephone +2349130003335


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