My Village People Starring Bovi; The Magic of Old and New Nollywood

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Africans and more specifically Nigerians have superstitions that they believe hold weight. The social media conversations about “ my village people” cannot go unnoticed; this ongoing trend refers to a series of unfortunate events that occurr as a result of supernatural forces engineered by people in their village.



So far, it seems everyone has a story to tell about when and how their village people were after them and that is what makes the perfect ingredient for success of Bovi’s latest movie, My Village People.





My Village People is a comical yet thrilling movie that addresses some of the superstitions about tradition in Nigeria. In the movie starring Bovi as the protagonist, Prince is a free-spirited bachelor who visits his village for his sister’s wedding. Amidst the excitement, he forgets cautionary tales and loses his guard, the circumstances that occur lead to a series of supernatural and unfortunate events including losing his job.



In Bovi’s latest radio interviews he sheds light on why this plot was chosen, he simply explained the relationship between bad news and people from the village and why it is important to have such conversations. “ Everyone goes through unfortunate events that they believe are beyond their control, it is important to have these conversations so that people know that they’re not alone in their struggles, everyone is going through something”, said the superstar comedian. In such a time as now where mental health issues are prevalent , it is important to humor the struggles that people face in their lives and this movie does just that.





The movie poses alot of significance as it is a fusion of both old and new nollywood actors. In recent times, there have been ongoing converstaions about the disparitities between both groups, however this movie shows that having a hybrid of the nollywood industry creates magic. The movie features nollywood veterans – Nkem Owoh, Rachel Oniga, Binta Ayo Mogaji and Amaechi Muonagor. On the other hand, it also features the talented new school and some promising upcmoing actors – Bovi, Sophie Alakija, Theresa Edem, Oge Amuta, Akah Nnani, Francis Sule, Mimi Onalaja.


Produced by Film One, Tmpl Motion Pictures and Empire Entertainment, the star studded movie will be nothing short of funny, exhilirating, thrilling and entertaining. It is set to premier on the big screens on June 11th 2021.


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