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On the 22nd of April 2021, The Luxury Network Nigeria held an online webinar to discuss the fundamentals of luxury, and to introduce the international Learning and Development programme the company is launching in May 2021.


To commence the event, MD, The Luxury Network Nigeria, Cas Ojo gave some opening remarks about the definition of luxury and “its plexus of meanings”. She also gave an introduction to The Luxury Network highlighting the situation with the luxury industry in Nigeria, with emphasis on the infancy of Nigerian luxury brands in comparison to international luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Harrods, etc.



The webinar had attendees from various parts of the world, and the conversation centered around an educative definition of the word luxury, as promised. The panelists also discussed the opportunities for Nigerian businesses on the world stage, but for the skills and knowledge gap, due to the infancy of many Nigerian luxury businesses.



H. E Fares, the global CEO, The Luxury Network HQ underscored his definition of luxury, as a state of mind that “connects target customers with their values and aspirations to what their perception of high quality is”. He continued with references to some of his favorite brands like Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Patek Philippe and shared some groundbreaking projects facilitated across the global Network; including a Ferrari credit card project, a partnership with Lamborghini and an upcoming collaboration between The Luxury Network Nigeria and Bvlgari Hotel, London.



Speaking on the industry and her personal definition of luxury, Head of Events, Bvlgari Hotel London, Eleanor Turner said “Exclusivity is about brand loyalty, access and association. Make your clients part of the brand. Present yourself!” She further elaborated on popular misconceptions about what luxury is, versus its true meaning.



The upcoming 12-part Learning & Development programme, designed to facilitate a platform for knowledge transfer between established luxury brands, and young luxury brands, is specially curated for Nigerian businesses that provide, or aspire to an international standard of luxury. And to round up the event, participants from the different countries and industries engaged in a Q&A session to get more in-depth knowledge about the programme, alongside the Luxury Network membership programme, membership benefits, and the signup process.




For more inquiries about membership opportunities, kindly email info@theluxurynetwork.ng




Visit www.theluxurynetwork.ng for more information.


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