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One of the Leading an agro processing  company based in Abuja, Nigeria, Eon Foods products is creating awareness to  about Living a healthy Lifestyle.


The rising rate of chronic illness in our society calls for urgent action and awareness Illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, fibroid amongst others are a cause for concern in our nation today.


According to the CEO of Eon Foods Limited,Mrs. Nkechi Chemezie, “The discovery of nutrition as a method of healing was nothing short of revolutionary for me. It gave me a whole different perspective on health and healing. When it has been proven that our diet amongst other factors give rise to these conditions and there is need to find a lasting solution to this menace. Having watched my loved ones diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension and being subjected to a lifetime of pills, I became more resolute in my search for a solution”.


“My drive in finding a lasting solution to dietary deficiencies gave birth to Eon Foods with a singular vision to ‘raise healthier families’ using our range of products”.


Eon foods products are proven medicinal foods made with chemical free raw material and void of addictives and preservatives, mixed with herbs and vegetables that will help the body combat illness and heal itself. They include:

• Unripe Plantain and Soursop Flour

• Unripe Plantain and Moringa Flour

• Unripe Plantain and Beetroot Flour

• Unripe Plantain and Pumpkin Seed Flour

• Unripe Plantain and Acha Flour

• Unripe Plantain and Tigernut Flour

• Unripe Plantain and Cinnamon Flour

• Unripe Plantain and Sweet Potato Flour

• Unripe Plantain and Coconut Flour

• Unripe plantain and Sesame seed Flour

• Plain Unripe Plantain Flour

• Plain Acha Flour

• Plain Sweet potato flour

• Sweet Potato and Soursop flour

• Sweet Potato and Acha flour

• Plain Soursop leaf powder






Our products are suitable for the whole family and persons on special d


To know more about Eonfoods Limited, follow @eonfoods on instagram

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