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 Quincy wellness & Naturopathic center is one the Leading brand in Nigeria with sole aim of providing healthcare services at affordable rates. Dr. Tobi keeney Learnt under the tutelage of her mother for 10 years before taking over as the Managing Director of Quincy wellness & Naturopathic center, an Integrative Health and Naturopathic Wellness Solution Centre based in Nigeria and the United States of America.


Dr. Tobi is an Experienced medical and herbal practitioner  with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. Skilled in Natural Products, Nutritional Counseling, Beauty Industry, Healthcare, and Holistic Health. 


The graduate of Bachelor in Psychology and Biochemistry, Masters in Nursing from University of Maryland, Baltimore Graduate school  is passionate about women’s health and helping women bounce back after childbirth.



In an exclusive interview with Zivang team, Dr. Tobi talks about her passion, services, unique selling point of Quincy wellness & naturopathic center. 


Read interview excerpts below.




Let’s meet the boss?

My name is Tobi Ayodele Keeney. I am the Managing Director of Quincy Wellness & Naturopathic center. I am happily married and also mother to two lovely boys. Before becoming a mum, I loved drawing and playing the piano. I am down to heart, cool calm and collected.




How was it like growing up as a child?


I would say I had a relatively happy childhood, my parents didn’t have the wealth growing up, but they gave us the best that they could, which is one thing I continue to thank them for.  They broke their backs to make sure we had top-notch education. My early childhood days were spent in Nigeria till about the age of 14, when we moved to the US where I spent my teenage years up until my mid 20s when I came back to Nigeria as a mother. Ours is a family business, and I have been in the business starting early at a young age.



From research you studied in the US, can you briefly talk about your experience?

In terms of what my experiences were of what I studied in school, my experiences in the Medical world, my education from SS1 through to my Masters which was done in the US,  all these experiences made me conclude that what we consider or learnt as healthcare is not healthcare for black people. It is healthcare tailor-made for white people. I came to realise this and it made me start doing research for black people. All over the world, Black people are the sick people i.e. lower mortality rates, high rates of cancer etc.  I found out it’s mostly due to eating western diet full of junks. That’s what made me start looking at ways of eating healthy and started studying my mum’s business of indigenous traditional medicine.



Lets about Quincy wellness and naturopathic center, can you briefly talk about your products and services?


I will talk about Quincy wellness.  We were purely weight loss and skincare as Quincy herbals.  Over the years, we found out that we were treating obesity meaning treating  diabetes, cancer, fibroid, infertility, high cholesterol that has to do with being overweight  we ended being chronic disease management, the last bus top for many people that have tried different things with no answers end up at Quincy. We decided to expand to a fully integrated clinic, meaning we practice both Traditional and Western medicine.  We merged the two as recommended by World Health Organization (WHO), integrating traditional medicine into our Nigerian health care system, both together which other countries have done and are getting results. We are the first clinic in Nigeria offering such services and we are licensed. We do Laboratory services to check your health to know what’s wrong with you. We treat major illness, we are a healing clinic, we are not here to treat your symptoms and go, we make sure you come of Quincy looking and feeling better. We have a wide range of herbal products, skincare products catered for living a healthy lifestyle.



Is Quincy products & services affordable for an average Nigerian?

Our products I would say are relatively affordable for an average Nigerian. Our prices are quite competitive with the market prices for western drugs with what you are getting. When you are sick, you are sick.   We practise preventive medicine, we don’t want you to get sick and spend your life savings on products looking around for help. It’s just like investing on hair, or a pair of shoes, that is the type of investment for your health. Our skincare products are affordable for people who want to look beautiful and who wants reversed damage to their skin, our prices are competitive to any prices anywhere from Ikoyi to Ajah. We want people to benefit from integrated modern medicine practised in a modern way.





Can you talk more about Quincy Kitchen?

Quincy Kitchen was developed as a way to meet the needs of our clients, who needed to eat healthy meals, for those who don’t have the time to cook, or don’t know how to cook healthy meals.  We make sure it meets the clients taste & preferences.  We make sure it is delicious, we don’t use seasoning cubes, preservatives, we make it tasty and healthy for the clients in a way they eat healthy foods in a way they like. We would make and prepare your desserts in whatever specifications which helps a lot of people achieve their look without sweating in the kitchen.



As part of getting plug into this digital space, how have Quincy team been able to meet the needs of clients virtually?

The digital space is the new face of everything. Your digital presence is what people will see first before they see anything else. It’s what they use for their first impression. Especially in the Covid-19 era, we had to make a lot of accommodation for our clients. We offer telemedicine, tele-health services and home health services. We understand a lot don’t want to leave their houses and come to public places.  If the person needs  Laboratory and consultation services, We will come to their  house to give all these services at an affordable price, manage your health from your house, equip with whatever you need to help us to manage your health.  We have all the needs of our clients especially at this time that we are in.






From research your plan is to bring the family business on a world map, how do you intend to get it done?

We created a type of model for integrative primary care clinic meaning traditional and western medicine with a Lab that diagnose rapidly, with spa that can provide wellness for our clients, with skincare for aesthesis for the beautification aspect. We plan to expand this model across Africa, It is a small model to reproduce, get good results with research to replicate within Nigeria, Across Africa and all over world.



You are passionate about traditional and conventional medicine. How is the acceptance of Quincy herbal products globally?

Fortunately, Quincy herbal products are widely accepted all over the world. Nigerians are brainwashed that traditional medicine is bad and western medicine is good. Meanwhile, 80 percent of Nigerians employ traditional medicine as their first line of action when they fall sick.

I am passionate about traditional medicine and it has worked for me and everyone I have treated.  It’s accepted worldwide. Hopefully, the Nigerian Government will take wind of it and start making it work here too.

Luckily, Lagos State Government are doing a great job. They have a traditional medicine board, and we are licensed and certified in Lagos state as traditional medicine practitioners.  They are doing a good job to standardize how traditional medicine is practised. When we get to that space where we can be apart in traditional medicine, we can stand from the rest of the world. I pray I will be one of the pioneers. The younger generation are trying to come back to their roots and appreciate traditional medicine even more. Western medicine has its limitations, traditional medicine has its limitations putting the two together it reduce the total amount of limitations. You cannot perform surgery with traditional medicine and there are some ailments you can’t treat with western medicine. Doing the two together comes out with a better outcome. The rest of the world have seen it, World health organization have seen it and recommended it.




What’s makes Quincy wellness and Naturopathic center stand out and the unique selling point?


We are one stop for all aspects of your health & beauty needs. We want to make it convenient for our customers, we are passionate about the need to have good health. Our goal is for customers to come out of our facility feeling beautiful, healthy, and having   more knowledge about the need to be healthy is our priority. We are not the ordinary clinic or traditional home, We are integrating our services in an empirical based manner. We focus on client based relationship, our customers become part of our family that they can teach somebody what they have learnt about traditional and western medicine. We are into knowledge sharing and want to make sure everybody look healthy.





At Quincy wellness &Naturopathic center what are the services, products offered during the covid-19 pandemic?


This pandemic has been a blessing in disguise because it has helped us to fine tune our practises. It has also helped us to carry out research and development on our processes so as to improve on them. During the pandemic, we offer telehealth services, online consultations with client. We are managing it that way. Now, we focus more on home care services, and it takes an experienced practitioner to handle this professionally. We are mindful of the pandemic and its associated risks.



A lot of Beauty products sold in Nigeria is brightening products with harsh chemicals that damages the skin, from research Quincy skin care products is very good for ethnic skin, Can you talk more on skin types and maintaining a glowing healthy skin?


Beauty products in Nigeria contain harsh chemicals like hydroquinone and steroids that do damage to the skin.  Nigerians have this craze to be light skinned. The sun also does damage to the skin, and we have a skin care line for dark people to help them achieve a glowing skin. Quincy skincare products rejuvenate the skin, reverse sun damage and aging. With Quincy skin care products, they are guaranteed to make your skin look nice and glow.


 Tips for healthy skin

*Drink lots of water: Water hydrates the skin, if you weigh 60kg which about my weight, drink 3 litres of water every day. Water hydrates your skin and keeps your skin from aging. It doesn’t allow you have pimples on your face.  You are what you eat, if you eat scrap your skin will look scrap. Focus on your diet.

*Eat lots of fruits and vegetables:  I recommend high dose of vitamin c if you are not diabetic. Antioxidants eat up bad things in your blood in Lame man’s language helps to have glowing skin in addition to other things. Vegetables are fibres that flush out toxins.

*Wash your face: Use a facial brush to wash your face, exfoliate your skin weekly, wash your face regularly.

*Use your beauty products with active ingredients at night: It helps to the skin restore, repair, skin heal when you sleep at night. If you use your products during the day you sweat it off. If you want a brighter skin tone, apply sunscreen to places that are exposed to the sun for sun protection, Avoid staying under the sun for long, don’t suntan your skin,    Ultraviolet rays are quite harsh for the skin, It can lead to premature aging, eat a lot of antioxidants like citrus fruits, Take a lot of  Vitamin C high dose, Take  lots of skin vitamins if used properly such as   IV vitamins and infusion therapy.  This is one the services we offer at Quincy as our services. We found out that lot of skin vitamins are very useful when you have respiratory illness, Covid-19 illness.


As part of creating more awareness about women’s health. What are the services, programmes created to encourage women to bounce back after childbirth and live a healthy lifestyle?


We are very passionate about women’s health, for obvious reasons. We are women and its women  owned operated  company. I have also been a young mother, I struggled after having children, I gained weight, my skin changed. It’s something my Mother experienced as well.  We have various services and weight loss programmes targeted that help women bounce back after childbirth. This is because of breast feeding, hormonal imbalance from pregnancy, You cant just use normal weight loss programme everybody use, It have to be a targeted weight loss programme to help women  loose weight, bounce back their skin after childbirth, I  am the Queen of bouncing back your skin after childbirth it happened . If you don’t have healthy lifestyle, your body can’t cope.

How do you follow up with your clients after consultations?


We believe in follow up, its enable us track our clients. After their consultations and treatment we still follow up to ensure they live a healthy lifestyle by reminding them about their next hospital appointment ,  latest products and services, CSR activities to mention but a few.  So we have all their details in a customer contact database this is done via email, phone calls and social media. Our clients are part of Quincy family, A whatsapp group is created for them to ask questions on various health related issues,  regular seminars, Lectures  to keep them abreast with latest developments.


Do Quincy team organize CSR activities   as part of giving back to the society?

We do a lot of Corporate Social responsibility by giving back to people in the society. We do free health checks, give out free medicine, free consultations, refer people who need urgent medical attention.  We have sliding scale for people who are low income earners, for just walk into our office seeking medical help, we refer them to get international medical attention. We do lots of promos, giveaways. We have been doing it for the past 24 years.


What is the first thing you do in the morning?

I drink a bottle of water first thing in the morning, start my morning prayers, start my yoga exercise. As soon as I have done that take my herbs, supplements and start my day.

For a mum of two, what is the secret of your good looks?

I learnt a lot from my Mother Dr. Mrs Quincy Ayodele .  At the age of 62 years old she still looks good. It’s because she pays attention to her health, she sees her body as an investment and takes care of it very well. I have learnt to look at my body as an investment. One secret of  my good looks, I drink at least three litres of water daily, eat a lot of fruits and vegetable, take lots of supplements, herbs and detox my system. I feel good like when I was 21 years old.  This life is too short, I don’t stress over things, don’t get depress or angry over things.


Your favourite wellness quotes?

To every disease, there is a cure in nature – my mom

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patients in care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas Edison
You can’t control what goes on outside, but you CAN control what goes on inside
There’s nothing more important than our good health – that’s our principal capital asset
Then for skin:
Good makeup starts with good skin




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