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Every season, we find that there are things that require a grand re-introduction, and as self-acclaimed connoisseurs of life and style, we’re very excited to be introducingAlt Mall-Sterling Alternative Finance’poster product. Alt Mall is an e-commerce platform that gives you the opportunity to pay for your products in installments. This eases the burden of having to pay for everything at once.



Your first click on the website ( welcomes you to a range of products-from electronics, home and office essentials to kitchen appliances and a host of other products all at your beck and call, all for the pleasure of buying immediately and paying back in Installments at 0% Interest rate.



Don’t just take our word for it, see what Mory Coco,Salem King and Shaffy Bello are saying-they’ve been spreading the good news about Alt Mall.



Alt Mall also offers a personalized shopping experience that both surprises and delights. Personalized shopping allows you shop for products that are not available on the website, allowing you choose the product and a specific vendor. See an item anywhere and would like to buy it? Send the details via a personalized shopping form and the item would be sourced for you.



Beyond shopping, Alt Mall rises to educate Nigerians about credit, shining a neon light on an alternative where it is important to be creditworthy, especially for modern living. As business owners, mortgage lenders, utility providers, and even employers—creditpredicts your future financial responsibility.


What do you need to pay in installments on Alt Mall?

  • You need good credit –pay your bills on time, make utility and cell phone payments from your account ,pay off debt and keep other credit balances low, don’t apply for too much credit, especially if it is more than your earnings.

What don’t you need to pay in installments on Alt Mall?

  • You do not need a salary account. – Alt Mall knows that not everyone earns a salary. As long as you have consistent cash flow on your account, you qualify for installment payment.


Still wondering why you should shop with Alt Mall?

  • AltMall flexible payment plan allows you to get what you need while conserving funds for other important needs.
  • AltMall charges no interest – instead you have a mark-up duly divided on your item and you will be able to pay for your item in equal, bite-sized chunks.
  • The monthly payments on AltMall are usually low so spreading the cost of your purchase over a period allows you keep to your budget.

We daresay shopping just got an upgrade!


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