Zaron Cosmetics: 5 essential makeup products you need in your makeup purse

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Makeup performs one key function and that is to enhance your physical appearance. Whilst there are tons of amazing makeup brands churning out new makeup products every day, the truth is you really need just 5 makeup products in your makeup purse.


So, what 5 essential makeup products do you need in your makeup purse?


*Mascara*: I can’t begin to imagine life without mascaras. They literally revamp your look, giving you sweet edgy vibes. When deciding on the type of mascara to get, let waterproof mascaras top your list.




The next best thing to mascara is *Powder*. The makeup industry started with white powders and has evolved to light-medium-full coverage powders. This means you can wear them comfortably with or without foundation and be rest assured that they will cover up any spots.



If I ever had to pick one lip product to wear for the rest of my life, I would pick clear/nude *Lip glosses* over lipsticks any day and that’s because they go with every look. Lipstick colours are pigmented and can be somewhat choosy.




Now for the finishing touch, Setting spray! *Setting spray* improves the overall look of your makeup and gives your makeup longevity.



For days when you are not up to wearing all that makeup, you can always use a *serumface *. Face serum helps give your face all day hydration, instant glow and keeps it looking healthy. I always use the Zaron Skin Regenerating Hydrating Serum. Plus, I can wear it with or without makeup and still look fabulous all day long.



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