Countdown to Poetry Animation of Motherland by Award winning Poet Ayo Ogundipe

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“Eclectic 21 Ltd – An indigenous production company based in Lagos and reputed for creating and showcasing authentic African content like the annual Mother’s Day celebration – Yeye Cabaret – The biggest Mother’s Day showcase in Nigeria, has once again produced another artistic content of cultural value to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Nigeria’s Independence as a sovereignty and it’s called Motherland.



Motherland is a spoken word poem captured in 2D animation (Computer Generated Imagery) that explores themes of national identity, cultural heritage, ancestral legacies and pride as a Nigerian. It takes the viewer on a visual journey around the country revealing historical facts about Nigeria (Some of which the viewer might be well familiar with, while some others might be a revelation) offering knowledge about places, people and customs of some of the many ethnic groups that make up the entity – Nigeria.



The sights and sounds of cityscapes, cultural festivals and mineral resources (deposits) in certain States all of which combined with the Human Capital potential of the citizens depicted in the animation serve as educational material to enlighten the viewer.



The effort is to awaken the social consciousness of Nigerians and expand the mind of the viewer through information about other parts of the country (people, places and customs) beyond what readily obtains in their familiar surroundings. This virtual tour is a form of remote learning – social study – that gives insight into the tourism opportunities in Nigeria.


The use of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) technology for the visuals is an innovative concept to produce/showcase digital content. It serves to celebrate innovation amongst Nigerian youth while highlighting individual creativity and the spirit of collaboration amongst creatives.



This showcase features a Poet (Ayo ‘Dipe’ Ogundipe), a thespian (Oluchi Odii) and an animator (Ekene Ngige) coming together to celebrate Nigeria.


The highlight of this visual is the tribute paid to five notable Nigerian women who have served the country in either civil service or private practice and have a place of pride in the hall of fame of Nigerian Patriots. A salute to the Labour Of Our Heroes Past!”





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