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Award -winning Nigerian gospel artiste Adekunle Adeyoola Popularly called Snatcha received his name from snatching candy bars from smaller kids. After serving punishment in an empty classroom where he was made to write a thousand Latin folk songs in Sanskrit.

He is one half of the  legendary ROOFTOPMCS (A ground breaking gospel Hiphop duo in Nigeria) who are currently on a break to embark on solo projects. Snatcha’s style is experimental hiphop that usually fuses alternative rock with Afro influences. He is set to dominate the music scene with original sounds, uplifting lyrics. He recently set up Assalt TV a 24 hours gospel TV channel in the UK.

In an online interview with Zivang Team, The CEO of Assalt TV & Jesu Kristi clothing speaks on his music career, starting a 24 hours gospel TV channel in the UK. Read interview below.


Can we formally meet you sir?

My name is Adekunle Adeyoola



How was it like growing up in Nigeria?

I am the 6th of seven children, my dad worked with the federal radio corporation of Nigeria and my mum was a Banker, and she had other side hustles (she blamed her entrepreneurial side on the fact that she’s from Ikorodu ) Our home was always alive and filled with laughter we were the party starters. It wasn’t till my twenties that I realised we weren’t “rich”  I guess we were too happy to realise what we lacked.




How did your music career start?

Music has always been an escape for me, growing up with a father that worked in the radio and worked with iconic artistes back in the day, I guess seeds were sown.

In 2000 while I was in Unilag I started a group called G-FORCE it wasn’t until 2002 when we changed the name to ROOFTOPMCS that we made that decision to do this full time.




What was the inspiration behind the brand name rooftopmcs?

Mathew 10:27 Jesus told his boys whatever I whisper in your ear shout it out on the rooftops. So what we hear we shout.




Till date songs like Lagimo, Shock therapy still trend online, why that style of music at the time when no motivation for gospel music artistes in Nigeria?


Well, our musical influences were hip-hop and Rock although these styles of music were rare back then especially in the church but it was the way we knew to express ourselves, we were determined to go against the norm.




From research, Your relocation to the UK was based on divine inspiration, How is Music industry in the UK compared to Nigeria music industry?


My relocation to the UK wasn’t based on my music so for a long time I didn’t do anything music related. so I dint even try to find out what the industry was like. Recently I started looking into it and I have come to the conclusion that although there is a better structure here and possibly   more opportunities but I believe Nigeria still dictates the trend the style and has greater reach.






Relocating to the UK, What motivated you to start Assalt TV in the UK?

I realised that Gospel music had really picked up and and the quality of music videos were getting better. But over here the young people still had no clue about a lot of gospel music. I also noticed that there was no platform out there were they can watch and discover gospel music so I decided to create one.





Kindly talk more on the brand name Assalt TV?


ASSALT TV Is a 24 hour  gospel TV channel with over 500 top tier gospel music and from all across Africa and Europe. Our desire is to be As- salt and to promote creative and edgy gospel content.



What makes Assalt TV stand out from other TV stations?

We play the freshest gospel music as they drop and our in-house programming is second to none. we are also the only gospel music channel that broadcasts live gospel events in the UK.



You also own a clothing line Jesu Kristi clothing? Briefly explain all about the clothing line?

I started Jesu Kristi in 2007, the desire is to “wear Christ” create urban clothing that represent a kingdom culture.



Is Jesu Kristi clothing line strictly an online store?

Jesu Kristi is strictly an online store, we ship to different parts of Europe and Nigeria at the moment.


What makes Jesukristi clothing Line unique?       

Our quality, designs  and styles are carefully thought out, we are currently on hold and having our designers come up with new designs for our next season. So most of our styles can’t be found else where.


How have you been able to manage both businesses successfully over the years?

There has been so many ups and downs so many starts and stops but I always go back the the drawing board to review why I started in the first place and that gives me the motivation to continue.


What’s your take on branding in music?

Well branding in very essential its the way you want people to see you. most times as gospel artistes we try to stay away from that word Branding, but we do not realise that without clearly stating our brand we our leaving ourselves to open interpretation.




Did you ever face racism as a Nigerian in the UK music industry?

No not entirely, the way the uk music industry is structured there seem to be an invisible yet subtle divide. Most black gospel artiste usually stick together and there is a desire to break into the white community this is usually unspoken but you can see it.



What kept you going despite challenges you faced?

Knowing that God is with me, the mark of a man walking with God is not the absence of the valley of the shadow of death. its understanding that God is with him his response to the tough times is different .



What does good Lyrics mean to you?

They look good. Good lyrics touches your heart. hits you where it matters. The intelligent arrangement of words, taking into consideration the subject matter and letting metaphors kiss similes so deeply that pronounce begin to protest and verbs join in.


Let’s talk about the business management of music? What’s your take on it?

Every artiste must understand the business of music, how to make residual income from your music how to understand your audience or niche market and how to reach them. How to read and interpret contracts, music publishing etc.



What is the unique selling point of AssaltTV, Jesukristi clothing line?

In the UK we are the only one, we have a relationship with the artistes so we get the music videos hot and fresh and we are able to immediately put on our playlist, ASSALTTV. is available on cable app so we are easily accessible.



Lessons you Learnt as a CEO?

Reward comes to problem solvers, once  your goal and drive is to solve human problems then your reward will come.


Your favourite business quotes?

I am about my father’s business – Jesus Christ



Are you working on any song at the moment?

Just released a song called everything last month and ill be Releasing another just before my birthday in June .


Any plan to start up a business in Nigeria?

Jesus Kristi was registered in Nigeria I also have a food company I registered in  Nigeria ill be returning to set those up soon and also look around for more opportunities especially those people aren’t thinking of.



If you turn back the end of time, what would you do again?

Everything almost exactly how I did them the first time.


Aside work, how do you relax yourself?

I live close to the beach so I just walk to the beach and chill, sometimes I’m home watching a movie or listening to a book.



For anyone who wants to go into the gospel music scene? What do you they do?

They first ask God if He’s sending them or they just want to go for other reasons


Where do you see snatcha in the next decade?

I love to plan and make plans but they are so flexible that God can interrupt at anytime. So I don’t want you to hold me to it. but you will surely find me about my father’s business.



Drop a line of song.

If you ever did me foul, I pass on the free throw this time I’m letting hate go that stuff is too lethal one goal love God love people that’s simple








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