Brief Chat with Creative Director of Plug Plus Company Tayo Akintimehin

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Creative Director of Plug Plus Company Akintimehin Joel Tayo is one of the  Leading Sound & Voice over expert in Nigeria. He has done so many voice overs/Sound production for brands such as Dettol, Coca-Cola to mention but a few.  In a brief chat  online with Zivang team,The creative guru  who is currently in Kenya shares his motivation, challenges and future prospects. Read Interview below.



How was your growing up Like?


Growing up was not easy as a typical Nigerian kid growing in the ghetto, you can imagine all kind of challenges a typical poor Nigerian kid would face.


As a Theatre Arts graduate, what is the rationale behind the creating your own sound company?


I noticed that the media industry had a major lapse in sound which is a major part of the media.


Can you briefly tell us the services Plug Plus Company offer?



– Film

– Advertisement

– Music Production

– Radio Jingles

– Audio Books

– Voiceover

– Audio Branding



How have you been able to maintain relationship between you and clients despite the huge  competition in Media?


Yes the few clients I have are always satisfied and always come back because of the uniqueness and speed of delivery.


Having been in the Media industry for years, what is the unique selling point of Plug Plus Company?


Our unique selling point is quality, creativity and speed.


As a young Entrepreneur, tell us challenges you faced over the years?


As an entrepreneur I was always looked down on because I was up coming and other larger companies that see you as a threat would want to trample on ones self esteem and also people will want to use and dump you because they know your passion to work is still fresh.


From these challenges, what do you advice young Entrepreneurs before venturing into such business?


My advice is know your craft, and don’t make promises you can’t keep,  also stand your ground


You have done voice over and sound for brands like Dettol, Coca cola what’s your perception about branding in business?


Branding is very important because that’s what tells your quality and your image to the world …a good brand will always sell more than no brand example people will always buy a branded product in the store for more price than the one in a local market without brand.



You’ve also mentored so many young people in the media, can you talk about that briefly?

I am humbled to have mentored Upcoming talents in the media, Its important to pass the baton of knowledge. After training I still call to check on them regularly to guide them.


Let’s talk about your singing career, are you still singing and any new album for your Loyal fans?


Yes I still sing I have my latest body of work titled “Break The Rules” on all digital stores.



Your favourite business quotes?


Money comes and goes …but a good relationship lasts a life time – me.


Best relaxation spot.


My bedroom, the studio, and anywhere quiet with the sound and smell of nature.



Where do you see Plug Plus Company in the next decade.

In the next Decade PlugPlus will be a major international solution provider Andrew job creator in the industry



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