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Zivang team had a brief chat with Mr. Solomon Adewole, One of the  top 30 Most Influential personality in Ibadan contributing positively  to the state through Humanitarian service. The selfless, smart, intelligent Humanitarian and Digital Expert shares inspiring story in a 40 minutes interview online.


Read interview below.



Can we formally meet you sir?


I’m Solomon Adewole, born on the 22nd of May in the 90’s to Mr Taiwo and Mrs Grace Adewole.


I had my Primary education in Lagos, Community Nursery and Primary school, Asokoro Abuja, and Victory Nursery and Primary school, Akure. I moved to Police secondary school Iju-Ita Ogbolu, Akure for my junior secondary school. My senior secondary school was at Aquinas College Akure where I spent four years. This was because what I wanted to study wasn’t what my parents wanted.


I bagged a National Diploma in Architecture from the prestigious Polytechnic, Ibadan in 2016. Ever since, I’ve been taking online courses and training to further add value to myself and equip myself for the 21st century.

I am actively involved in the Civic society. I am a Lead volunteer for Lend a hand for Africa whose goal is achieving SDG 4 which is Quality Education.


I’m a content writer & digital marketer with certification from Google. I was also certified as a Global Citizen by the Ban ki moon centre for global citizenship and the APCEIU. I am a Public relations expert with interests in Entertainment and equality.


I am a graduate of the National Training Academy, Cairo and an Alumnus of the African Presidential Leadership Program.


I am the present Country Representative for GITC (Glocal International Teen Conference) which is a platform to track and help teenagers acquire and grow soft skills as a tool for self development.


I’ve also trained hundreds of youths on personal growth and development while exposing them to hundreds of opportunities.




What inspired you to start in the humanitarian field?

Growing up was very comfortable for me as I loved in Aso Rock, Villa, Abuja. Luxury wasn’t a thing, but rather, a way of life. So one day while my dad and I were cruising the streets of Abuja, I noticed beggars we’re literally everywhere. I was shocked because I wasn’t made to see below the good life I had. It was at that point that empathy overwhelmed me. Few months later I saw a teenage girl pregnant and I wondered how it happened. Apparently, there are a lot in this Life that are waiting to be seen so at every chance that I got, I would ensure I helped out. From using my pocket money to buy books for folks in school to collecting money from  my mom to cater for people’s needs.




You are one the most influential Young people in Ibadan, how were you able to attain this height  in your career?


I am not an aspire to acquire kind of person. Let’s just say I followed my path, without pressure and gave it my all and of course I would never forget the place of God in giving me platforms bigger than me in such a short period.


Having built relationship with other Young Leaders outside Nigeria. Last year through the African Presidential Leadership Program, Cairo (APLP)  trained over 300 Africans from over 41 African countries. Can you talk about APLP and roles you’ve played.


The African Presidential Leadership Program, is a program that started as a suggestion from the World youth forum which held in 2018 and its aim is to select young African leaders actively working in government, Civic society and business to train them under the auspice of the African Union (AU) on certain leadership skills to help enhance their activity as well as breed a new generation of African leaders.


The training lasted in Cairo for six weeks where we were trained on skills ranging from effective communication skills, negotiation skills, crisis management and so on.


It was a hands on experience as we had a practical class where we were able to put all we’ve learnt to test.

After the training. I was selected by GITC as the country Representative for Nigeria to train Teenage on soft skills/personal growth and development.


I have also used this platform to advocate for Gender equality by standing in support of females for equal opportunities.




 In your opinion, What the roles Parents and  Government need to play in creating more awareness on teenage pregnancies, Drug abuse crime rates ?


Awareness and continuous conscious education, To me it’s not about creating punitive measures but about preventing it before it happened and that begins with parents being aware and approaching issues with awareness.




What are the most treasured things you can’t do without?


God. He’s my source, Every other thing can wait.



Do you have plans to Launch your own NGO to tackle such issues?


Not yet but I contribute my own quota by volunteering with organizations active in that field. I believe it’s not about owning an organization, but about contributing your quota to make the world a better place by doing little things. However, if the need eventually arises, then I would start my own organization.



How do you relax yourself?


Movies, music, and food.




Your favourite quotes?


A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” — George Bernhard Shaw. …


“He who fears he will suffer, already suffers because he fears.” — Michel De Montaigne



Where do you see yourself in the next decade?


On Earth. Making lives better via active volunteering. Although I have plans for business.




Your words to advice to Leaders and aspiring Leaders Like yourself?


We’re addicted to talking without acting and our future is at stake, not just only ours, whatever you do, do not for yourselves but for the future of your generation.


Finally, whatever you do, before you do, think through. If you make mistakes, accept them and move on, they are  part of life.



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  1. Solomon is indeed very influential in Ibadan and I must I love his humility and insight. Great leader in the making.
    NIGERIA 🇳🇬

  2. Very inspiring session bro, I sincerely love you from the unset due to your passion for environmental growth and particularly your selfless love….
    Ibadan is proud of you,
    God bless you Solomon.

  3. My roommate from Egypt, I hail you. Keep up the good work, and hope you’re counted among the top 30 most influential youths in the world soon.

  4. Solomon, indeed you have been amazing and I salute your passion towards seeing others rise and not just your passion, also your courage to stand for the truth. God bless you son! I can see myself in you, keep the good work going boy.


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