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Get ready for  Techpoint Startup School for early stage start-ups holding from March 25 to March 27, 2020. They have a line-up of experienced trainers, find out more about them here.

Techpoint Africa CEO, Adewale Yusuf,  and one of the  trainers, shared a few tips on what to expect from his session.

According to him “One question people often ask me is how to get their co-founder or team to be passionate about their start-up at the initial stage. I have learnt over the years that your founding team is a critical component of your start-up success and much so an important metric to investors. 

“But while being able to have a team of passionate people can help the building process, it isn’t entirely dependent on that. Other ingredients of a reliable founding team include;

. A technical co-founder: Contrary to popular opinion, a technical co-founder doesn’t necessarily mean the person must know how to write code. As a technical co-founder, this person brings in superior knowledge that fulfills key needs of the startup. For instance, a media startup must have an excellent writer as a co-founder, a health startup should have a medical expert as co-founder etc.

The Idealist and Realist: The idealist is that member on the team that believes everything is possible, while the realist, on the other hand, is the person on the team who can look at things as they are and deal with it in a practical manner. 

As ridiculous as it may sound, it will be folly to hope to set up a ful team without people with both personality traits on board.

He will be sharing more at Techpoint Startup School, happening from March 25 to 27. We have limited slots available,  so hurry now and register at

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