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Omotola ‘SlashaAyodeji is a human resource management graduate from covenant university who in his early days in school identified his area of strength, interest being creating ideas that can help sell brands, marketing and customer relations .

 His quest for knowledge and self development got him working as an editor at dynamix magazine after which he got some work experience at Nigezie TV before finally settling at Koga studios where he created and developed TV contents. He also worked  in the  Public Relations and advertising sector.

In a brief chat with ZIVANG team, The Young Boss talks about  how he started his career, challenges, and future plans.


How did your Career start?

I started up as a contributing editor for Dynamix Magazine back then in university after interning with a start up media and entertainment outfit (Eclectic Magazine) which I was also a co owner.

Writing and creating contents came easy for me so I kept at it till I got noticed by Dynamix and I started there then moved to Nigezie to gather Tv production knowledge which I learnt from the likes of Bayo (Now a copywriter) and Stevenator (Now channel manager at VOTS) .

I later moved to Koga studios where I was a producer amongst a lot of other things.


From Research, you knew most of these artistes from childhood days? Did you know you were going to be Business manager in the Entertainment industry?

There is a way the lord orchestrates our footsteps, once we align things would work out. I believe God just positioned me around these people who are my friends and the rest is history.

I recognise and work with growing brands and then grow with them. Also I believe in my own people and friends; whatever they are doing I try to support them in every way I can. I never knew I was going to be doing this but God’s plan is super.


Reflecting back on the entertainment industry years ago, what do you think needs to be improved in this digital era?

Proper structure is what has been Lacking and still Lacking. It’s getting better though but still far from where it ought to be.


As a Public Relations Professional, How do you maintain a good relationship with clients despite the huge competition in Public Relations/ Entertainment industry?

Even food business has competition but your unique selling point would stand you out plus most brands I work with are the ones I understand and grew with so it’s easier for us to absorb each other.

Also,  If you do your work right and add value to the brands you work with I don’t think you should be looking at competitions of scared they would take your job.

However, there is more than enough to go round; just pray to God to lead you.


What’s your take on social media as a marketing tool?

People can believe whatever they want because social media to me is just a marketing tool; you can create an impression on there, meet people , market what you have to an unlimited audience.

Nothing serious.


How do you think it can be managed, so far how have you been able to help guide your clients?

I tell them that if what they are going to post they won’t be proud of it in the future, then they need not post it.

Maturity and understanding is very important in this business hence you need to have an understanding with people you are working with and respect their opinions while they also respect the principles that guide your job.


In your own opinion, How did you use digital media to promote your business?

Digital media as I said earlier presents you to an unlimited audience. You can have direct access to your clients and they also give you instant feedback.

As a person, you can directly send a message to the richest man in the world and he responds to you. There are stories of Nigerians who through social media got it big and linked up with people they never believed they would meet.

Loads of people have made it big through the digital space so o believe once its properly used, you can get a lot from it.


If you were not doing Public Relations, Business management what would you be doing?

I might be an artiste, rapper, comedian/MC or behind one desk being a human resource manager.

And yes I was in several music groups before.

It allowed me understand how creatives (most especially artistes and “super stars” think and behave)


What are the challenges you have faced over time?

Challenges are there to be conquered. There are daily challenges but they make the team stronger and build capacity every time.

The challenges are not “special “ or peculiar to me; it’s almost same with every other business.


Your favourite business quotes?

“Always deliver more than expected.” By  Larry Page who is the co-founder of Google“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” — John Quincy Adams, 6th President of the United States

“It doesn’t have to be white to be right”- Dr David Oyedepo


Moving with entertainers, appearing in several music videos, do you see yourself in the  Production part of Media?

Production is my second love and I have spent most of my years of working in the production line. For most of the things I do and people I work with, I have put myself in the line of work so I can understand what it takes. I still do productions when I need to.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

In 10 years, I see myself being better than I would be in 9 years and most of all become the owner and leader in marketing and brand solution space to businesses and individuals using content and marketing 😉


What is your sense of style?

My style is unconventional, simple and radical.


Aside work, How do you relax yourself?

Well I relax indoors because when I try to go some place outside my room, I find out that work just starts coming to my head. Not that I don’t work from home too but it’s more relaxing for me at home than anywhere else. Maybe outside the country just maybe but the Last trip I had outside the country I started seeing possibilities of things that could be done and I started “working “ on things I needed to do when I got back to Nigeria.

But when you see me having creative and thought provoking conversations. Laughing without writing things.I might just be relaxing.


CEO of SlashaEntertainment Slasha is of the most sought-after Public Relations Professional in Nigeria.



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