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 Adeshola Ademiloye CEO of Arcade Fashion modelling Agency for over 4 years has proven he is the boss. The Creative Fashion Entrepreneur talks about his deep passion that led him to create a platform for models, Fashion Entrepreneurs in Ibadan to showcase their products and services. In a brief Chat with Adeshola he takes through his journey as an entrepreneur in Ibadan.
Lets meet the Young Boss
My Names are Ademiloye Oluwatosin Adeshola, Second born from the family of 3, am from Osun state also an entrepreneur, OAP with Petals FM and an event producer. Love playing basketball and creating creative imaginations. Am a light in my generation. Spend early 12 years of my life in Lagos before moving to Ile ife in Osun State in 2012 I moved to the city of Ibadan.
How did Arcade start?
Arcade started 7 years ago, as a teenager i knew I was going in the direction of art,sport and entertainment that quickly shape my perspective about life and the things am doing.
I started Arcade fully after completing a 4years training from my mentor Femi Otolorin who is the CEO of Bezallio concept.. My path were defined from that point I learnt graphics designs, cinematography, event management and branding. And from there it has been a journey. I started with Arcade Photography and cinematography before setting up our Model Agency where we train young models and set them up for bigger stages. Arcade Fashion Show followed and other departments of the brand were outline as the vision gets bigger.
Did you know, you were going to be an entrepreneur all along or it just happened by chance?
I knew I was going to be one because from my school days I just knew I can sit in an office from 9-5, it’s boring to me, I cant do that to myself with all the gift God blessed me with.
I knew I wasn’t going to work under anybody or writing letter for available jobs but I learn from everybody and work with people.
What motivated to start up a modelling consultancy in Ibadan?
Smiles, that’s a big question, people often think such things cannot excel in a city like Ibadan because Ibadan has no Modeling industry like Lagos, Paris, UK, Italy and so on.
I saw the need when our photography studio started, young guys and girls’ kept approaching me, I want to become a model as so on and I kept telling them am not one.. The pressure was so much that I had to sit down one day and ask myself, why do people keep coming to me?
So my Pastor do tell me any problem God reveals to you in your community, you are the solution to it. So I held on to that word and started out, since then have been able to train over 200models one on one and 300 through our fashion events.
What are the challenges of running such outfit in Ibadan?
A lot of challenges. Lack of modelling industry, No ready made jobs for them, no platform for the young girls to leverage on so we have to train them, create platforms for them and also encourage them when things are not going smoothly because young people back out easily.
How would you rate the response of clients over the years.
Low and low the models available triples the job on ground.. So client response are low, some will just want to use the models for free while some have the cash but don’t see a need to pay the models.
What is your driving force?
Creativity and
As a young boss, what is that favourite business quotes that keeps you going?
Don’t just dream, work towards your dreams.
Don’t let your dreams just be a dream.. Pursue it
Adeshola 2016
What  is your sense of style?
How has Small medium Enterprise owners been supported by the Ibadan Government?
The county as a whole has not been fair to SME’s. Different loans available but difficult to access
Despite the harsh economy of unemployed,  kindly tell us how Arcade been able to curb unemployment in Ibadan?.
I don’t fully believe everybody should be employed, we are all blessed by God, he kept the seed of great ness in us when he formed us.. Look for  yours and nature it. Stop waiting for that job, create the job
On a lighter note, aside work How do you relax yourself?
I hardly relax, which had been a major challenge for me because am always involve in a project one way or the other but when I do, the cimena ease my stress, am taking up swimming soon to add to my strategy.
Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in Ibadan?
Make sure you are doing the right things..
Dream Big
Work towards it and
Stay focus.
Photo Credit: OlerePhotography
Suit styled by :@Fashionmind

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